Leave your bathroom clean to WHIZZ

Let’s be honest, nobody wants to clean their toilet, or their bathtub, or pull the hair out of the drain, but it must be done. The tasks we associate with cleaning our bathroom are not glamorous and quite time-consuming, which is why they are so often put off. A dirty bathroom can also be a poor reflection on you and your home if guests come to visit. Ensure you have a bathroom everyone can enjoy by enlisting WHIZZ Bathroom Cleaning Services.

What’s included in our Bathroom Clean?

Our Bathroom Clean includes a service above and beyond your standard detail, we focus on providing a deep clean which includes:

  • Mopping and sanitizing floors
  • Cleaning of all glass including shower screens
  • Mirrors
  • Appliance tops and exteriors
  • Cleaning and sanitising your toilet
  • Cleaning and sanitizing showers, sinks, bathtubs and vanities
  • Toilet seals on every toilet
  • Toilet paper tabs

Additional Service: Tile & Grout Cleaning

For an extra cost, we can do special treatments to remove mould, hard water deposits and limescale from your bathroom floor and walls. Our service pays special attention to stains within your grout and guarantee to rejuvenated the surface. These treatments can also be used on areas outside of the bathroom, simply let our WHIZZard cleaner know which area of the house you would like them to focus on!

Why Choose WHIZZ?

At WHIZZ, we take the headache out of your hangover by giving you a stress-free option when it comes to party-planning. You can wake up to our qualified cleaners ready to bring your home back to life. They even bring everything they need with them from extra garbage bags to the vacuum and mop.

We are happy to prioritise certain parts of the house and work around any requirements you may have. We also understand that the motive behind hiring a professional cleaner is so you can relax and enjoy your weekend after the party. Which is why we provide a 100% happiness guarantee that your home will be left sparkling.

And If you’re still not completely satisfied with our magic, then we’ll send a WHIZZard back to finish the job properly – at no expense to you!

Book your Bathroom Clean

There’s no time like the present to put us to the test. Book your bathroom clean with WHIZZ today by contacting our friendly customer service team.