Take the pain out of oven cleans with WHIZZ cleaners

Cleaning your oven can be a chore at the best of times and it is no wonder many of us are continually put it off. Sometimes it is not until our kitchen is filling with smoke or our meals begin to taste bad that we are forced to do something. Even then, grease and food residue can be so heavily set that you are left scrubbing away for hours.

It’s quicker and better with WHIZZ

Regardless of when you last cleaned your appliance our professional experience and equipment can help make easy work of your oven. Not to mention our products are fume free, non-caustic and environmentally friendly.

Leave the hard work to us

To give some perspective of how thorough a professional oven clean is, it takes between one and a half and two and a half hours to properly clean an oven. We begin by spraying the oven with a fume-free degreaser. Then we scrape off any burnt-on food and grease. Disinfect and polish the entire appliance, inside and out. Clean any individual and removable parts such as the racks and trays. Then after we are done you can look forward to a hygienic and functional oven.

Bookings are essential!

To get your oven cleaned by a WHIZZard, simply contact our friendly WHIZZ team today.