Think you’ve got a clean kitchen? While your sink, countertops and floors may sparkle like a diamond, millions of bacteria are hiding away in the places you least expect. The really gross thing is you touch these every day, and the kitchen environment – moisture and food particles – can encourage 10 microbes to multiply to millions overnight. WHIZZ gives light (and a good spray of disinfectant) on the germiest places in your kitchen.

1. Your oven knobs

The grease, raw meat, sauce splashes that collect on your oven knobs provide bacteria with a buffet table to thrive on. Wiping them down won’t cut it. Regularly remove the oven knobs and soak in hot soapy water. Between washes, spritz them with vinegar and water solution (which is also great for wiping down the kitchen counters after prepwork). For a really thorough clean, schedule a WHIZZ oven clean.

2. Your kitchen sponge

Lab tests show that your kitchen sponge has more bacteria than a toilet seat bowl, incuding disease-causing E. coli. Blame the residual moisture and miniscule bits of food. Wash thoroughly and then prop on a bullclip to air-dry between dishwashing duty. To disinfect completely, soak in water then microwave for 30 seconds.

3. Knife blocks

How many times have we returned a knife without allowing it to dry completely? The moisture – and the think, dark slots in your knife block that are impossible to clean regularly – are the perfect breeding grounds of bacteria. Wash metal knife blocks in hot soapy water, or blast out dirt from wooden knife blocks with a compressed air can. The more hygienic solution: hang thick metal bars on your kitchen wall to keep knifes within reach and 100% bacteria-free.

4. Your coffeemaker

We wash the pot every day, but when was the last time you cleaned the coffeemaker itself? Researchers found yeast and mold growing in half of the coffee pot reservoirs they tested. Run vinegar through it at least every two weeks to get rid of deposits or any germs that have parked themselves in small parts like hipsters in the corner Starbucks (unless, of course, you want to offer them a bagel). Read our post on how to deep clean and descale a singleservice coffeemaker.

5. Pet food bowl

Even if you feed your pets dry food, the saliva and crumbs can gunk up and invite some very dangerous critters: yeast, mold and even coliform bacteria. Rinse with hot water and soap.

6. Garbage can

Food particles and liquids can build up on your trash can, which causes that amazing smell of Eau de Garbage each time you open it. Disinfect garbage cans once a week by washing outdoors, air-drying, then spraying with the disinfectant. (Read our article on beating other funky kitchen odors).

7. Reusable bags

Eco bags are good for the environment, but they’re usually made of porous materials that can soak up liquids from meats and trap dirt. If they can’t be laundered, wipe them down with a vinegar and water solution, and if you can, replace them with cotton bags that can be washed in hot water.

Slack for iOS Upload (2)

WHIZZ launched the Android app just a week ago, so it’s only fitting that our WHIZZ Employee of the Month is man who made it all possible: Keyur Thakkar.

WHIZZ Tech Lead Neil Grusd first hired Keyur to work on a test assignment. It took him three days to finish it. But could he finish an Android app in three months?

Challenge accepted.

One app to rule them all

Keyur had two things working for him: extensive experience (he worked for LG Electronics for over 6 years) and the fact that he’s an Android user himself. “I’ve never even touched an Apple phone in my life!” he says. “There are more features, more apps. There’s just so much more you can do with Android.”

But this flexibility is exactly why developing for Android can be, well… such a pain in the app. Keyur and his team had to keep in consideration the vast multitude of different Android devices on the market to ensure the app worked flawlessly on each.


“On a scale of 1 to 10, my stress level was about… a 9,” says Keyur, who says the late nights and pressure never got to him because of the incredible positivity and support he got from the Whizz team. “It was a group effort and we met the challenges together. ALL IN!”

He adds that problems don’t bring him down; he actually welcomes them. “How can you do your best if you’re not being pushed past your limits? I get an energy rush whenever I encounter an issue. I am excited to find out how to solve it.”

Keyur and his team had to keep in consideration the vast multitude of different Android devices on the market to ensure the app worked flawlessly on each.

Keyur, After hours

Keyur loves to cook, and even signed up for classes on pastries, chocolate making, and different cuisines at the nearby community college. He’s in charge of WHIZZ’s Breakfast Club – a weekly potluck to kick off the day with good food and good vibes. Keyur collects everyone’s wish lists and assigns the dishes.

n weekends, he visits his sister and nephew. He also hopes to see more of Australia, and maybe find time to write again. He used to blog back in 2006, writing down his thoughts on relationships, life, a day at work. He would even write poetry.

But right now he’s focused on improving the Android app. “It’s like a baby. You take care of it when is sick (like when it isn’t stable) and you ‘raise’ it so it becomes better.”

Now download the Whizz Android app and make its daddy proud.

android 1

After months of development WHIZZ is proud to announce we are now on Android!

We promised that making a booking for a WHIZZ clean would be easy and convenient — with just a few clicks on your mouse or phone, you’re done! The Android app is the latest piece in the WHIZZ story.

WHIZZ Android App design

“The features and design of our WHIZZ Android App are on par with our award winning iPhone App, awarded gold in 2015 App Design Awards for Best App Startup. With the WHIZZ Android App now in the Play Store, many more Australians can use their smartphones to enjoy the WHIZZ experience!” says Neil Grusd, Chief Tech @ WHIZZ.

Like our award-winning iPhone app, you will enjoy a user-friendly and clean interface that lets you specify the cleaning services you require, select your date and time and then a quick and easy payment. Keyur Thakkar, who leads the Android development says that an “Android flavour” was added to the iPhone version, and the least used features removed so as to simplify the booking process and provide customers a seamless experience.

“The WHIZZ design team revisited the business requirements to create a streamline UI with the single goal of making a WHIZZ booking even more intuitive to our new Android users. It had to be short and simple,” says Keyur.

After 3 months of design, development and testing, the WHIZZ Android App was quietly released internally to identify and address potential technical issues before going ahead with a public release on Australia Day 2016. “Going ahead, having both Android and iPhone Apps enables WHIZZ to now rapidly extend our offering across AU’s mobile marketplace for on demand home services.” says Grusd.

Commitment to quality and convenience

The Android app development and design reflects Whizz’s commitment to details and constant endeavour to get things right. WHIZZ has combined the convenience of technology with a one-to-one personal touch.

“Some key updates were introduced to the WHIZZ platform start of this year which allows our customers to better communicate their personal needs to their WHIZZ cleaner. You can now customise your clean accordingly,” says Mark Bernberg, WHIZZ CEO. “We are driven by your experience as the customer. Everything from START TO FINISH is clean, simple and delivers on our WHIZZ brand promise – A HAPPY HOME.”

Download the WHIZZ Android App
Download the WHIZZ iPhone App
For more information about WHIZZ, go to

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sydney beach

It’s Australia Day, and if the weather cooperates and the sun comes out to celebrate the public holiday with us, there’s plenty of beaches and outdoor activities waiting to be enjoyed. So book a Whizz, leave the cleaning to us, and focus on what matters – having fun!

1. Bondi Beach

You’ll find everything at Bondi — boutiques, bars, beach-side cafes. Between swims and serious sunbathing, grab ice cream at the insanely popular Gelato Messina, polenta chips with sour cream at Icebergs, or quality fish and chips at Bondi’s Best.

Expect the beach parking to be impossible on Australia Day, and take the train (the beach is just 15 minutes away from the Bondi Junction train station).

2. Tamarama

This small, secluded beach may not be as popular as it was in previous decades, but that can be bonus for those who want privacy and quiet. As CNN said, “Being small and intimate adds to the feeling that this is an exclusive beach reserved for the lucky ones.” The waters are perfect for surfers, but stick to the coast if you’re not a strong swimmer.

3. Bilgola

Considered one of the most beautiful of the Northern Beaches. Palm trees and lantana hide it away from the rest of the world, and crystal clear water waits for those who seek its quiet, laidback charm. Visitors love the ocean rockpool and the chocolate at the beachside café.

4. Manly

The sign at Manly Wharf says it all: “Five miles from the city, a million miles from care.” It’s a fantastic place to just sit back and chill out. Need a break from the sun? There’s a mall, promenade, and several cafes.

If Manly gets too crowded, you can head out to nearby Shelly Beach, which is fantastic for scuba diving and paddleboarding. The calmer waters are also great for swimming – float on your back and soak in the sun.

5. Byron Bay

If you want to escape the crowds at Bondi, head for Byron up on the north coast. Aside from the Main Beach, you can go to The Pass, Tallows, Wategos, and Belongil. The waves (and the chance to spot a dolphin) call you, but do make time to visit the lighthouse and savor its spectacular view. There are cafes and bars where you can get a quick snack or toast the end of the day with cocktails.

There are plenty of activities for those looking for special thrills. Go kayaking with the dolphins, learn to surf or freedive, or sign up for an extreme sport like tandem skydiving.

What’s your favourite Sydney beach? Leave your suggestions in the comments below! We’re always looking for good weekend ideas to share, and are here to take care of the cleaning so you can enjoy your free time. Happy Australia Day!


Diksha Reni joined Whizz just 4 months ago, but she’s already one of our most-requested Whizzards. As one customer, Carlee Berrington said, “She really goes out of her way to do an amazing job, the attention to detail is obvious and I really feel she cleans our home like it is her own. She had delivered a consistently perfect service.”

And that is why we’re proud to name Diksha as our Cleaner of the Month. She represents what we’ve asked of all of our cleaners and clearly state in our cleaner application: you need skills, experiences, documents, and most of all A Great Attitude (the most important requirement!).

Off to be a Whizzard…the wonderful Whizzards of Oz!

No, Diksha didn’t use any ruby red slippers. She arrived in Australia six months ago, and joined Whizz two months later. “I have my two brothers staying with me, and one of them is working with Whizz.” She’s talking about Ramesh, another Cleaner of the Month who has since been promoted to quality control and training. He referred her to the company, and the two would initially tag-team until she was officially inducted into the Whizzard dream team.

Finding pride and satisfaction in her work

Diksha never goes to a job without multi-purpose cleaner, floor cleaner, and mould removal products. “I don’t have a particular cleaning tip, but I have a Whizz tip that inspires me whenever I get tired or stressed. I always tell myself: ‘Remember that you are a Whizzard.’” She’s happy to be part of an exciting company and positive team. “Everyone makes me feel appreciated. I’m thankful to all of them. They give such pleasure to me.”

Simple pleasures

Diksha loves to drink milk with cloves and cardamoms, and her favourite food is her mom’s handmade Prantha. She also loves to sing – you may just hear her humming while she cleans! And from the feedback we’ve been getting, customers are singing praises of her too.

kitchen smell

Funky odors become doubly pungent in warm weather. The Whizzards — Sydney’s home residential cleaning experts — help whizz away the stink.

1. You just fried fish

Boil a cup of water and 2 tablespoons of vinegar, or leave a bowl of white bread soaked in white vinegar on the kitchen counter overnight. Close doors when you cook, so your clothes and linens don’t absorb the smell.

2. Rancid cutting boards

Cover boards with salt, then rub with a cut lemon to kill odor-causing bacteria and break down slime. Rinse then season the boards with mineral oil. Replace boards when you see deep, hard-to-clean grooves.

3. Kimchi (or stinky cheese) in the refrigerator

Try this tip from Bon Appetit editor Ashlea Halpern: soak cotton balls in vanilla, and store in a shot glass at the back of the fridge. Wrap strong-smelling foods in plastic.

4. Smelly garbage disposal and cans

Turn on your garbage disposal and throw in ice cubes, which displace stuck food and sharpen the blades too. Then, pour a cup of vinegar mixed with 1/4 cup lemon.

Every month, deep-clean your garbage cans with ¾ cup of chlorine bleach, 1 tablespoon dishwashing detergent, and a gallon of warm water.

5. Musty kitchen cabinets

Mustiness can mean a hidden slow leak that could ruin walls or cause mold. Check all cabinets for warping, bubbles, or sponginess. Another culprit: hidden leaks behind the fridge (if it has an icemaker/water dispenser) or dishwasher.

Instead of masking the smell with air fresheners, rub down the cabinets with ½ cup of rubbing alcohol with a pint of mineral oil to kill bacteria and seal the wood. Leave a piece of charcoal to absorb odors.

Beat the odor and conquer the mess by booking a Whizzard. We’ll even clean the refrigerator and oven! Takes less time to find the best Sydney home cleaner than to wipe your kitchen counter.

relaxing in bed

Whizz turned “the humble house clean into a hotel experience” — and here we tell you how to take it further. Make your bedroom your plush, clean and modern retreat.

Use the Rule of Three

Park Hyatt Sydney uses 300 thread count sheets. The Westin Heavenly Bed uses three sheets — a flat sheet, middle sheet, and fitted sheet — literally wrapping you in luxury. Not sure what brand to buy? Check Apartment Therapy’s Top 10 List.

Ditch the plastic bottles

Transfer mouthwash into a crystal decanter, and bath products into pretty bottles. For all-out luxe, shop Conde Naste Traveler’s list of bath products and room fragrances used in five-star hotels and resorts from around the world.

Add a refreshments station

Slide a stainless steel or glass-door mini-fridge into a side table to fake the built-in look. Plug in a coffeemaker, fill a wooden tray with tea bags and your favorite Tim Tams, and you’re set for bedside bliss.
Only Whizz gives you the five-star clean: on-demand service, spotless home, and luxe details like chocolates on your pillow and stickers on your toilet paper. Experience the difference.

lili whizz

When the call went out for votes for Employee of the Month, everyone in the Whizz team said, “LILI!” Since Liliani Asipeli joined Whizz’s Customer Service team in November 2015, she’s been filling the office with good vibes and positivity.

Busting for a Whizz

Before joining Whizz, Lili worked in the car rental industry doing Reservations, Customer Service and Corporate/Leisure Sales. But after 7 years she was ripe for a challenge. “I joined the team because I knew Whizz would take me out of my comfort zone – it is the stretch I need to sharpen my skills.” So far, she’s loving her job. “I like the “All In” culture and potential for me to grow.”

Service with a smile

Lili can spend hours on the phone confirming bookings, arranging schedules, and asking customers about their Whizzperience. When someone reports a disappointing Whizz, she’ll go out of her way to sort out the problem and make the next one better. “A perfect day in Whizz would be to have loads of bookings, customers who loved their Whizz experience and advocate to their family and friends,” she says. (Santa, are you taking down notes?)

Celebrating Whizzmas

The last week has been very busy for Lili, as she helps recurring customers adjust their booking schedules around their holiday trips and parties. But she’s looking forward to her favourite part of the season: spending quality time with loved ones. She adores being an Aunty, and just hanging out with friends. “I like hearty conversations and laughing till my stomach feels like I’ve done sit-ups!”

It’s the kind of holiday cheer she hopes to have throughout the year… and brings to the Whizz office every day.

lili whizz quote


Are you one of the cool kids? We’re looking for a business development manager to join the dynamic Whizz team.

Starting date: Jan. 11th 2016
$100- 120,000 First Year OTE
Award Winning Technology Company
Huge incentives

The company
WHIZZ is the leading platform in Australia for the domestic and commercial services industry. We are expanding rapidly utilising technology to bring an uber fresh approach to cleaning services and a range of other products. We recently won a Design Award for our App and was a finalist in the Cool Company Awards for 2015. This role offers rapid progression and huge incentives for the right team member.

Your Day to Day
Supported by the Sales Director, you will hunt for new business in the commercial / SME space. You will be supplied with warm leads to quote and sign business and will also be expected to generate leads internally to met agreed KPI’s. You will be part of a close, dedicated team in a supportive startup culture.

Experience Required
*B2B sales experience
*Exceptional communication skills
*A hunter mentality
*Any background in site quoting would be beneficial

We are offering a long term opportunity. You will be provided with a phone and mac to execute your role. Stocks options will be discussed for the right candidate.

This is a huge opportunity! Send inquiries and CVs to


RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! We’re not kidding. This Movember – a worldwide campaign that raises awareness on Men’s Health issues like depression and prostate and testicular cancer — Whizz is tying up with Running Heroes Australia to inspire you to get your butt off the couch and exercise.

Why exercise can save your life

Men just aren’t taking care of themselves enough. Movember Australia’s website paints the scary facts: “Men are dying too young. On average, across the world, men die 6 years earlier than women. Three quarters of suicides are by men [one dies every minute]. Cases of prostate and testicular cancer are expected to double by 2030.”

Get Mo’ving, man.

Even just 30 minutes of exercise a day lowers your risk for cancer, heart attack and stroke. It also gives you a flood of endorphins that help relieve stress and prevent burn out and depression.

But despite the overwhelming scientific evidence that exercise lowers your risk for nearly every men’s health issue you can think of, most guys say “I’m too busy!” or “I’m tired” or… well, what’s your excuse?

Whizz and Running Heroes wants to give you an extra reason to get out and get moving! Running Heroes is a website application that’s connected to your running app or connectivity watch. Each time you hit the pavement, you earn points you can redeem for a home clean!

Get on your feet, come home to a treat

“Guys, Whizz gives you two ways you can get healthier and happier right now,” says Mark Bernberg, CEO of Whizz Technologies. “First, you have more free time. Household chores can take up to three hours of your weekend – time you can spend running, going out with friends, and doing what you love. Second, through Running Heroes, you can earn discounts on your home cleans. You save money – and you save your life.”

How does the promo work? Every 100 points gets you $20 off your first two home cleans. When you join, you’ll be signed up for a weekly subscription to be able to conveniently monitor and process your discount – but you can cancel at any time.

While the promo runs (no pun intended) only until January 31, 2016, Whizz hopes that it encourages more men to scale back, delegate the unimportant stuff, and put more time into their health and well-being. “Men always think that they need to do more. But sometimes you have to do less in order to be more. Whizz is here to take care of your home, so you can take care of yourself.”