How do I know if my booking is confirmed?
How long does a Whizz take?
Can i change or cancel my booking?
What happens if I am not happy with my clean?
Do you clean in my area?
What are the terms and conditions for Home and End of Lease cleaning services?
How does Whizz work?
What kind of services do you offer?
My first WHIZZ
On demand bookings
Where to book a clean?
How do I book a clean?
I forgot my password!
Is whizz a cleaning company?
how do we select our cleaners?
Do I get an invoice?
Where can I find my past invoices?
How much will it cost?
Are there any surcharges and extras?
What are my payment options?
If I get a refund, where does it go?
Are cash payments possible?
The Whizz
Do I need to be home for my clean?
Got special instructions for your Whizz clean?
Can i book the same cleaner for my next clean?
Do I need to supply cleaning products or equipment?
Can i recommend a WHIZZ accredited cleaner to other users?
I am a cleaner wanting to become a WHIZZ accredited cleaner, how do i apply?

We will send you a confirmation sms with your booking details and date of clean, plus an email with a receipt of payment. You can also view your booking in my account

Has booking a cleaner ever been this easy?

As long as it takes to get your home sparkling!

Our WHIZZ accredited cleaners are trained to clean efficiently, but we don’t put any timeframes on your clean and we don’t charge by the hour. Our fees are fixed and based on the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and services you ask for.

Reschedule and Cancel can be done via website in https://whizz.com.au/my-account/ or using the app.

You can use the WHIZZ App or the Website to reschedule or cancel (with FULL refund) your clean 24 hours prior to your booking start time.

The WHIZZ App  or the Website can also be used to reschedule your clean up to 12 hours prior to your booking start time.

The WHIZZ App for iOS can be downloaded here.

The WHIZZ App for Android can be downloaded here.

Please contact Customer Service on 1300 029 290 if you require further assistance with rescheduling or cancellation of your clean.

Your satisfaction is the most important thing to us - so when you book with Whizz, you can always enjoy peace of mind with our 100% Happiness Guarantee.

We work hard to make every WHIZZ amazing, but when something goes wrong we pride ourselves on how we fix the problem. So we can best address your concern, please:

  1. Contact us as soon as possible. You can call 1300 029 290 or send a message through any of the “Contact us” buttons on the website or mobile app
  2. Take photos of the areas that the cleaner missed
  3. Please give us the most suitable and convenient time that we can send the cleaner back to touch up the missed areas

We will discuss your concerns with your WHIZZ accredited cleaner and aim to send them back within 24 hours of your clean.

Yes we do! Whizz provides our services Australia-wide. Simply enter your postcode in our HomepageiOS or Android devices.

Full terms and conditions for Home and End of Lease cleaning services can be downloaded from the following link: Cleaning Terms and Conditions

WHIZZ is the easiest way to book cleaning services in Australia! We connect you to qualified, experienced and screened WHIZZ accredited cleaners  – and all you need is a computer or a phone!

Just go to our website or download the App and schedule your desired cleaning service.

Download the WHIZZ iPhone App

Download the WHIZZ Android App

Book a WHIZZ clean on our website

WHIZZ offers the following cleaning services:

  • Residential Cleaning
  • End of Lease Cleaning
  • Commercial / Business Cleaning
  • Short Term Accommodation/ Holiday Rentals Cleaning

Residential Clean

During a residential clean (or “standard” clean), WHIZZ accredited cleaners follow a thorough checklist that covers the kitchen, living room and any other rooms you specified during your booking:

WHIZZ Residential Clean – What We Do

You can book a residential clean as a once-off, or as a recurring clean on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. You can get great discounts on recurring cleans, and hey – you are keeping your palace clean!

Once your booking and payment has been processed, we assign a cleaner to your clean. You can make your payment by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

End of Lease Clean

We know that moving can be a very stressful experience. The goal of our End of Lease clean is to take out the mess (and the stress!). We work with a host of property managers and real estate agents, and as a result have gained a great understanding of their cleaning expectations.

WHIZZ knows exactly what is expected and does it; if it’s not up to standards, fear not – we go back at no expense to you!

If at any stage we have not cleaned to the expectations of the property manager or landlord, don’t worry — we return within 24 hours of being notified to rectify it for you. (Oh, and have we mentioned it’s at no additional cost to you!)

Here is what is included in our End of Lease Package:
WHIZZ End of Lease Clean Checklist.

Commercial / Business Cleaning

Our Commercial/Business cleaning arm is called WHIZZbizz. We offer highly competitive quotes for your Business/Commercial Cleans, as we know every business has different needs and requirements.

If your biz needs a WHIZZ, we come to you, develop a scope of work, and deliver a quote that is customised and tailored to your needs. There are no hidden costs and no surprises. It’s clean and simple! Call our Customer Service at 1300 029 290 to find out more.

Every biz needs a WHIZZ! Has your biz taken one yet?

Short Term Accommodation Cleaning

With our fixed pricing, on-demand service and hotel-style cleaning, WHIZZ is the perfect service provider for your Short-Term Accommodation Cleaning.

We understand that when you’re hosting visitors, you have specific requirements for your guests such as linen changes, the presentation of the bathroom amenities and the need for it to look pristine. We are your turnkey solution for a 5-star cleaning experience.

In order that we meet your cleaning expectations and specific requirements, call our customer support line at 1300 029 290 and they will assist in arranging the best cleaning services for you, your property, and your guests.

We say here at WHIZZ that cleaning is a lot like dating. We aim for Love at First sight, but it may take us 2 to 3 cleans to understand your expectations. If you are not happy with a result of a clean, our policy is to return to touch up and fix the problematic areas within 24 hours.

If you have any special requirements for your cleaning, let us know so we can mark it on our files!

Need an urgent clean? Busting for a WHIZZ? We got you!

You can now book a same-day clean up until 2pm. Any booking after 2pm and the clean will need to be done the next day.

We’ll send a WHIZZ accredited cleaner to you as fast as we can, but give us a maximum three-hour window to find a cleaner and get them across traffic. Once you’ve booked your On-Demand clean we will call you and give you an approximate Time of Arrival.

There’s a surcharge for an On-Demand booking ($25 for residential cleans, and $55 for end of lease cleans).

For Residential Cleans: Book via the App or Website

For End of Lease Cleans: Book via the App or Website

For Commercial/Business cleans or Short Term Accommodation property cleans you’d like us to maintain for you: Call us at 1300 029 290

It’s easy! We’ve designed our website and mobile Apps so you can WHIZZ through the booking:

  1. Enter your postcode
  2. Fill in the property details
  3. Pick a service and schedule
  4. Pay securely
  5. Tell us about your personal cleaning preferences
  6. Sit back and bask in the glory of taking your WHIZZ!

Future bookings are even faster once you’ve registered and created a customer profile.

In order for us to confirm the booking and allocate a cleaner, payment must be received prior to the booking date.

Just click the “Forgot password” link on the login screen (or click here) and then enter your registered email address and we will email you a link to create a new password. Clean and simple!

Yes it is, and no it’s not…wait, what???

At it’s heart WHIZZ is a technology company. We have developed a sophisticated online marketplace, matching customers with qualified and trusted cleaners.

However, we also understand that nearly 80% of cleaning is referral-based. For this reason, we personally screen all cleaners to ensure that they meet the stringent requirements to become a WHIZZ accredited cleaner.

WHIZZ is not just a platform for cleaners and clients; our point of difference is we take pride in the cleaning results. We don’t just send you a cleaner and walk away. We guarantee our work, we regularly audit our cleaners, we send the cleaner back if we do not meet your cleaning expectations, and our “after sales service” is best in class!

Our WHIZZ accredited cleaners are the face (and hands!) of the company, we carefully screen and train them so they share the same standards, provide the highest level of service and create the WHIZZ experience we promise to our customers.

We would never send a cleaner we wouldn’t trust in our own homes!

Here are a few reasons you can trust our cleaners to be the best cleaners in Australia:

1. Trained
Before our cleaners start with WHIZZ they must undertake an induction to ensure they are aware of the consistently high quality standards a WHIZZ accredited cleaner must deliver.

2. Tested
WHIZZ has periodical Onsite Quality Assurance Checks where a trained member of our staff goes onsite to ensure the cleaner is doing all the right things according to the “WHIZZ Way”.

3. Customer Approved
We review all WHIZZ accredited cleaners against customer feedback – your satisfaction matters to us!

Rest assured, we take every step to give you quality, safety and peace of mind.

Yes, you will receive an invoice as soon as your payment has been successfully processed. If you have not received your invoice, please contact customer service on 1300 029 290 or email us at support@whizz.com.au

The WHIZZ website and app generates a price based on your property details (bedrooms, bathrooms, number of floors and any selected extra services).

Don’t worry – you won’t be charged anything until you confirm and process payment.

Yes, in some cases surcharges will apply depending on the services you require, or the day of your booking. Surcharges are as follows:

ON DEMAND / SAME DAY – End Of Lease Clean$55.00
ON DEMAND / SAME DAY – Residential Clean$25.00
SUNDAY20% Extra on Base Cost
FURNISHED – End of Lease Clean Only15% Extra on Base Cost
*** Please note that % Surcharges are added to your Base Cost only and not to and selected extra services***

Currently we accept secure online payments via debit/credit card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express).

We assign a cleaner only once your payment has been successfully processed.

Your refund will be applied to the card you used at checkout. Please allow time for your card company to process the refund transaction

No, all payments are cashless. Hey – this is the convenience generation!

Your call entirely! We recommend you be there at least for your first clean. So you can ask questions, give specific requirements and ensure we meet your cleaning expectations.

If you can’t be home during the clean, rest assured that our WHIZZ accredited cleaners have gone through a registration and induction process. They have had a personal interview, a background Police Check, have a registered ABN and all relevant and current insurance policies.

Add them to your booking notes or contact our customer service team at 1300 029 290 or through the “Contact Us” buttons on the website or app.

Yes, just send us your request by contacting Customer Service on 1300 029 290. If the same WHIZZ accredited cleaner cannot be available, do not fear! All our cleaners follow the same standards and cleaning checklists.

No, our WHIZZ accredited cleaners arrive equipped with tools and cleaning supplies.

But if your home has special surfaces that require particular products, please provide them and leave a note for the cleaner or mention it in “Special Instructions” when making your booking.

Yes you can! That’s our motto. We love all types of feedback, and if you are happy with your clean feel free to share the love. You can leave a review on our WHIZZ Facebook page. If you refer someone, then please let us know!!!

WHIZZ works with the best cleaners in Australia – are you one of them? Contact our Cleaner Management team at operations@whizz.com.au You will need to have the following

  • ABN Number
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Police Check (For you and any of your staff)
  • Your Own Equipment and Transport
  • A Great Attitude (This is the most important requirement!)