Cleaner of the Month: Diksha


Diksha Reni joined Whizz just 4 months ago, but she’s already one of our most-requested Whizzards. As one customer, Carlee Berrington said, “She really goes out of her way to do an amazing job, the attention to detail is obvious and I really feel she cleans our home like it is her own. She had delivered a consistently perfect service.”

And that is why we’re proud to name Diksha as our Cleaner of the Month. She represents what we’ve asked of all of our cleaners and clearly state in our cleaner application: you need skills, experiences, documents, and most of all A Great Attitude (the most important requirement!).

Off to be a Whizzard…the wonderful Whizzards of Oz!

No, Diksha didn’t use any ruby red slippers. She arrived in Australia six months ago, and joined Whizz two months later. “I have my two brothers staying with me, and one of them is working with Whizz.” She’s talking about Ramesh, another Cleaner of the Month who has since been promoted to quality control and training. He referred her to the company, and the two would initially tag-team until she was officially inducted into the Whizzard dream team.

Finding pride and satisfaction in her work

Diksha never goes to a job without multi-purpose cleaner, floor cleaner, and mould removal products. “I don’t have a particular cleaning tip, but I have a Whizz tip that inspires me whenever I get tired or stressed. I always tell myself: ‘Remember that you are a Whizzard.’” She’s happy to be part of an exciting company and positive team. “Everyone makes me feel appreciated. I’m thankful to all of them. They give such pleasure to me.”

Simple pleasures

Diksha loves to drink milk with cloves and cardamoms, and her favourite food is her mom’s handmade Prantha. She also loves to sing – you may just hear her humming while she cleans! And from the feedback we’ve been getting, customers are singing praises of her too.