Pressure Cleaning by WHIZZ

One exterior cleaning technique that can have a dramatic effect upon the appearance of your home is pressure cleaning. Our professional and experienced cleaners can safely and effectively remove ingrained dirt on a variety of surfaces including concrete, stone, pavers, tiles, washable fabrics (awnings and marquees etc.) and wood. Whether your preparing for a party or just spring cleaning, you are guaranteed to be impressed with the results!

Pressure clean it to preserve it

Not only does high pressure cleaning improve appearances by removing built up dust, grime and mud. There are health and structural advantages that come with regular washing. Leaving soils to build up over time can lead to the formation of gaps and cracks in your property. Mould is also known to grow in damp and dirty areas which can affect your family members who suffer from asthma or allergies.

Trust WHIZZ to clean it!

The advantage of high pressure cleaning is that it is highly versatile and can be used for a range of cleaning purposes. Our WHIZZard cleaners are happy to come help make an assessment of your home to ascertain which exterior surfaces may benefit from pressure cleaning.

What types of pressure cleaning services do we provide?

For residential pressure cleans in Sydney and Melbourne, WHIZZ has you covered.

  • Exterior House Cleaning

The outside of your house often includes those hard to scrub places that can become the long-term home of cobwebs and dust. Without pressure cleaning technology, you may find yourself scrubbing away for hours. Let us do the hard work, whilst you sit back and relax!

  • Driveway Cleaning

If your driveway has become dull and discoloured, it is worth calling one of our WHIZZards to rejuvenate the area with a pressure clean! Petrol stains, dirt from tires, oil and general grime can be easily removed.

  • Brick & Concrete Surface Cleaning

Brickwork can easily accumulate grime and moss in between its edges. The durable surface areas of brick and concrete mean they can be effortlessly cleaned with our high pressure system.

  • Pool Tile Sweeping & Pressure Cleaning

As your pool tiles are constantly exposed to moisture and dirt runoff from the garden they can become tired and grimy very quickly. Whilst it can be difficult and time consuming to scrub porous tiles, pressure cleaning makes quick work of the chore.

  • Deck Cleaning

Decks are exposed to not only the harsh Australian climate but the general wear and tear that comes with any outdoor area. UV rays, dirt, mould and algae can all have a drastic effect upon the appearance of your deck. Pressure cleaning can restore the original colour of your entertaining areas and prepare them for summer!

Why choose WHIZZ for pressure cleans?

Our WHIZZard cleaners are all covered for insurance and qualified to use their equipment safely. Our promise is to leave your home refreshed and rejuvenated when pressure cleaning. We only use eco-friendly cleaning methods and are always careful when using the equipment as to not leave scratches or strip paint.

Pressure cleans can also be included as an extra on any regular residential cleaning service provided by WHIZZ.

Book your pressure clean today. Contact our friendly customer service team to learn more.