Pro Window Cleaners in Sydney & Melbourne!

If you live in Sydney and Melbourne, sparkling clean windows are just a click away thanks to your local WHIZZ window cleaning professional. WHIZZ use advanced cleaning methods to ensure a longer lasting shine. Dirt can build up on windows over time. One visit from a WHIZZard cleaner can have a tremendous positive impact on the overall appearance of your home.

  • Internal Windows

Often our clients are amazed at the difference an internal window clean can make. We believe this is because you slowly become accustomed to looking through dirty glass, that you manage to forget how they should look. Our WHIZZards will have the sun shining through your windows in no time! Not only do we clean your windows with a streak-free squeegee, we remove cobwebs and wipe down the frames and sills.

  • External Windows

Whilst interior windows are more accessible, the same cannot be said about the outside of your house in most cases; which is why washing your exterior windows is a chore that many of us are guilty of putting off. Often it requires a ladder, special equipment and even after a lot of effort you can be left with a big mess and windows covered in streaks and stains. Thankfully, our WHIZZard cleaning professionals are trained to leave a streak free finish, come with specialist equipment and are careful to leave nothing but clean windows at your home!

What we offer?

Our exterior window cleaning service uses hand held squeegees to clean all accessible glass, using a stepladder when needed. For those harder to reach windows, the water-fed pole method can be used, which means no window under four storeys will be left dirty!

The water-fed pole system involves a soft bristled brush which is lubricated via an attached hose with purified water. By removing the impurities from regular tap water, your windows can be left to dry naturally without having to worry about streaks or stains.

Why choose WHIZZ?

At WHIZZ, we take care of everything and there is no need for you to provide cleaning supplies. Our cleaners bring everything from the rags for window sills to the hose for our water-fed pole.

We are happy to prioritise certain windows of the house and work around any requirements you may have. We also understand that the motive behind hiring a professional cleaner is to receive a clean you wouldn’t normally achieve yourself. We provide a 100% happiness guarantee that your home will be left sparkling.

And If you’re still not completely satisfied with our magic, then we’ll send a WHIZZard back to finish the job properly – at no expense to you.

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To book a custom window clean for your house or apartment, simply contact our friendly customer service team.

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