Running a short-term accommodation or an AirBnb can be tiring, stressful and… a mess. WHIZZ understands the daily struggles of leasing for short-term stays – between check-outs to the next tenant checking-in… There’s a mad rush to have everything looking spic and span.

WHIZZ is here to help!

No matter how many baths, bedrooms and kitchens – we’re ready to get to work so you don’t have to!

What does this include?

WHIZZ provides a full breadth of entry, exit and change over housekeeping cleaning services for short-stay accommodation providers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

A scope of what’s on offer

Circumstances may vary between short-stay accommodation providers, but WHIZZ will typically include:

  • Linen Pick up from Depot – Arrive at depot one (1) hour before the job to collect allocated linen.
  • Strip all beds – Remove all base sheets from all beds and place in linen bag to return to depot.
  • Make all Beds Triple Sheet – Triple sheet bed and make bed to a minimum hotel standard, light spray pillows.
  • Unpack Dishwasher – Remove all contents from dishwasher and place in appropriate cupboards and drawers. Leave dishwasher empty.
  • Pack Dishwasher – Collect all utensils that are left in room and/or kitchen place in dishwasher turn dishwasher on with supplied tablets/liquid.
  • Dishwasher Change Over – Before commencing cleaning collect all utensils that are left in room and/or kitchen place in dishwasher turn dishwasher on
    with supplied tablets/liquid, before leaving premises unpack dishwasher and place in appropriate drawers and cupboards.
  • Full Fridge Clean – Remove all perishables from fridge and dispose, wipe down all shelves and drawers. Clean top and front of external fridge.
  • Balcony/Courtyard – Sweep down balcony/courtyard and clean.
  • Pool Area – Sweep down pool area – remove any rubbish, we do not deal with the contents of the pool.
  • Linen Delivery Back to Depot – Deliver all used linen post clean back to the depot.

Contact us for a Custom Quote

To learn more about WHIZZ’ short-term accommodation cleaning services or to get a detailed quote tailored to your business, simply contact our friendly customer service team.