Do sellers have to clean the house?

It is important to leave your house looking clean so the new owners are able to enjoy it

For those trying to sell their house it is not always possible to do the home cleaning themselves, for they might live abroad, or the tenants are still occupying the premises whilst they are looking to sell. One thing is certain though, if you want to sell your house having it look clean is paramount.

You could always pay someone to do the home cleaning for you as perhaps you’ve already sent the vacuum cleaner and mop off to the new abode and there are too many other things that take precedence. Our lifestyles are very busy and cleaning the house you are leaving as well as moving to the new place is not only time consuming but stressful and exhausting. Life can be easier using a professional cleaner to mop, dust, vacuum, and it’s even a good idea to get someone to do the garden. After all, everyone outsources these days. You’ll feel good about yourself knowing that the owners will walk into a lovely clean house and be able to enjoy the place as you did.

It is not a legal requirement to clean the house, but morally it makes sense to clear out your mess and have the place looking as good as you would like it. You wouldn’t want to move somewhere new to find a whole lot of rubbish left by the previous owners. Nothing is more frustrating than having to clean out someone else’s mess before you can start to move in and arrange all your belongings. The excitement can quickly be downgraded to anger, and as we all know, moving is stressful enough without having to spend all day mopping and dusting before you can start to move in. It is wrong to leave all the rubbish for someone else to remove. It’s your garbage, so do the right thing and remove it. It won’t take long. There are stories of previous owners leaving junk that required paying someone a substantial amount of money to move. Some people choose to have a final walk through the house before closing on the contract. However, you might not necessarily anticipate what junk will be left and hopefully the seller will not surprise you and will have it as immaculate as when you saw it and decided to buy it.

The same applies to the garden. You paid someone to have it looking pristine for the sell, you made sure the lawn looked good and was weeded and you’ve enjoyed the garden, so why wouldn’t you ensure the lawn is mowed and the garden looks good for the new owners?

It is understandable that you might feel tired and not capable of cleaning anymore, but leaving the premises in an immaculate condition and removing your rubbish is not that much to expect. You want to end on good terms as you might need to have some contact with the new owners if, for example, you are expecting an item in the post and need to leave a forwarding address. If you can’t do the cleaning yourself, use a professional cleaning company to help.

Whizz is a flexible platform that has been operating since 2014 and employs contract cleaners who have vast experience and they bring with them the correct cleaning products and equipment to clean your premises. You can have your place custom cleaned and if you require extra work to be done, just let Whizz know and they are happy to accommodate your needs. There is an easy to download App available in Apple or Google Play and you can make a booking in under a minute using your mobile phone.

Whizz has no hidden costs. It is all clearly set out on the website. You don’t have to be home for the clean, which makes things easier, especially if you are time poor and have so many other things that need to be done. All cleaners have been police checked and are insured, which should give you peace of mind.

If you type in ‘broom ready in Australia’ you will come across tours to Broome in Western Australia, but the term ‘broom ready or broom swept’ in real estate terms means to remove all personal property, vacuum and clean the floors, take away any debris and personal items such as furniture that is not a fixture before vacating the premises. It’s not a legal definition, nor is it found in the dictionary, and obviously it is open to interpretation, but common sense should prevail as well as goodwill. Do what you would want done to you. Everyone leads busy lives and every person who sells their house should definitely make sure it is ready for the new owners to move in, so it is only fair to make it ‘broom ready.’

Therefore, some might say if the place you have bought has all the furniture removed but is still quite messy, be happy that the previous owner has cleared away all the heavy stuff and their personal garbage, and just look forward to your brand new home. But who wants to spend a day cleaning? How stressful is it to have to do all the mopping and sweeping of the floors, vacuuming and washing down all the cupboards before you can start unpacking and moving into your new place. It is totally unfair but often can be the reality, so what can you do?

Get hired help to do all the dirty work for you so you don’t have to sort through boxes to find the cleaning products and equipment and can concentrate on your new life and all the constraints that come with having bought a new place. Whizz is a home cleaning service that can solve all of your problems and if you’d prefer to speak with someone there is a customer service officer available 7 days a week.