There’s no place like home! It’ll be neat, fresh, and sparkling -- we guarantee it! Enjoy a fixed rate, and aside from standard clean, you can pick from extra cleaning services.

It’s hassle-free! Book and pay online, and we’ll send a Whizzard who can liaise with your landlord for access. Our “guaranteed clean” means you’ll never hear back from him again.

We do the following in every room (where applicable)


All accessible surfaces



Windows Stills

Cupboard doors

Vacuum & Mop

All Floors


Clean & Polish


Empty Rubbish bins


  • Clean all benchtops and splashback
  • Clean oven front, hotplates and rangehood
  • Dust and clean exterior of kitchen appliances
  • Clean and polish kitchen sink and taps

Living Area & Other Rooms

  • Dust furniture (such as couches and chairs)
  • Dust electronic devices (such as TV)


  • Clean shower tiles and screens
  • Clean bath, basin and vanity
  • Clean toilet


  • Make beds (changing linen not included )
  • Dust furniture

Additional Services





We Don't Do. . .

  • Cleaning of ceilings, windows and any other surfaces outside of normal reach
  • Cleaning of window blinds and ceiling fans
  • Cleaning of deep stains, pet messes and other heavy soilings
  • Mould removal
  • Building material/rubbish removal
  • Steam cleaning and/or carpet cleaning
  • Lifting heavy items (such as furniture or white goods)
  • Cleaning or maintenance of outside areas such as garages, patios, decks and gardens
  • Cleaning of exteriors, including walls and windows
  • Moving furniture that has delicate valuables on it (like dining room/lounge display tables)

Brisbane Home Cleaning Services

Once WHIZZ is in your life, you will never have to waste another minute cleaning, scrubbing or dusting ever again.

Hiring home cleaners in Brisbane is now super affordable and easy thanks to WHIZZ, a revolutionary app and online booking system that matches you with reliable cleaners in your area.

All of our cleaners, or WHIZZards as we prefer to call them, undergo police checks and are personally reviewed, so you can be certain you are only being sent the best in the business.

We are also one of the only domestic cleaning services in Brisbane that come with a satisfaction guarantee and a flat rate, so you never have to worry about surprise charges.

WHIZZ is truly about hassle free, professional house cleaning in Brisbane that is affordable, reliable and easily accessible to everyone.

Domestic House Cleaning Services Brisbane

Imagine the feeling of walking into your home after it has been magically transformed by one of our professional cleaning WHIZZ-ards.

Whether you are looking for general cleaning, deep cleaning or help cleaning up after a party, WHIZZ does it all.

With just a tap or click of a button, WHIZZ can send out reliable, vetted cleaners for your home in Brisbane, that will make every surface in your home sparkle and shine.

Our WHIZZards will even add personal touches such as complimentary chocolates and other finishing details that will make your home feel like the paradise you have always dreamed about.

If you are looking for reliable home cleaning in Brisbane don’t delay, take us for a whizz and see why we are number one.

Hire the Best Cleaners for your Home in Brisbane

When it comes to home cleaning services in Brisbane, WHIZZ only offers the best and most experienced in the industry.

Once at your home, our WHIZZards will thoroughly clean your bathrooms, bedrooms, home office, kitchen and main living areas.

If that wasn’t enough, our expert WHIZZards will also go above and beyond by paying attention to the little details such as, dusting behind and under objects, sanitizing light switches and door knobs, cleaning inside the microwave and removing every last bit of caked on soap from your soap tray.

These little details make WHIZZ one of the best and most reliable house cleaning services in Brisbane and the perfect option for you and your home.

Book a Home Cleaner with WHIZZ Today

For a clean and fresh smelling home, download the WHIZZ app or got to our online booking form.

To book, simply enter your postcode, select the size of your house and the rooms you want cleaned, plus any additional add on services. Select the date and time of your cleaning, enter your payment method and ta-da! You are done.

The struggle to find affordable and reliable house cleaners in Brisbane is in the past. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t spend another minute of your life cleaning and instead, choose WHIZZ.

If you are interested in House Cleaning Services in Melbourne or Domestic Cleaners in Sydney contact us today.