Is Professional Cleaning required at the end of Tenancy?


When moving out it pays to get the services of a professional

Is Professional Cleaning required at the end of tenancy at first appears as a conundrum like how long is a piece of string? Or what is the sound of one hand clapping, resembling some Buddhist teaser with no discernible concrete answer. Well, it’s simple; the answer is technically no, but factually yes. Now that is not as dichotomous as it sounds.

If we rephrase the question to is professional cleaning required at the end of tenancy if you wish to recoup your bond? The answer becomes quite simpler and clearer. Yes. When most people are faced with signing a lease they are more than a bit eager having endured dozens of expectations and applications and the pursuit is more often than not exasperating and the longer the hunt, the more the stress piles up. Sign that lease as fast as you can you think. But a lease is a legally binding document and is quite a few pages in length. If you read the entire agreement it will state, devoid of any literary confusion, that the residence must be left in the state it was found. Cast your mind back to when you moved in. No dust, no grime, no cobwebs, cleaned blinds and windows. A sparkling oven and a laundry looking like it is new. Carpet that has had all residual aromas removed. Food preparation, body odours, dirt, grime and even insects can affect the smell of a carpet and that is before we get to pets.

Natalie relays a story of frustration of dealing with a real estate agent who was withholding her bond because of a mark on the wall that she said was already there when she moved in. Due to her not being able to produce a condition report and the real estate agency stating there was no evidence of a mark it became more complicated. Natalie tried to get the mark off the wall but was unsuccessful. ‘That is when I decided to use a professional cleaner who was able to fix the problem and I got my bond back in full, which was quite a lot of money.’ Natalie said she now always uses cleaners to do end of lease cleaning. That way if there is a problem getting the bond back the real estate agency can be informed that it was cleaned professionally and they won’t argue with that.

Whizz is a platform that contracts out cleaners; they are all police checked and insured and have at least one year’s professional experience. You don’t have to be home for your clean if that is more convenient. As the fees are fixed, there is no time frame on the clean so they will clean until your house looks beautiful.

The reason the residence is presented in such a fashion is that it has been professionally cleaned. Either the tenants engaged them or the real estate agent has withheld their bond and engaged the services themselves. Either way, the job is professional. ‘Professional’ is defined as being above and beyond amateur and to have advanced training. Whizz cleaners are professional and are experienced with end of rental cleaning. They are equipped with expensive and productive apparatus to ensure that you and, more importantly, your real estate agent, are satisfied with the results. In fact, it is guaranteed. You hire Whizz and your bond is returned, no ifs or buts.

It’s always better when someone else cleans your house, and you come home to it smelling and looking great and have a greater appreciation for it. The truth is more often than not using a professional cleaner means that they do a better job and their expertise means they know what products work best. Using a professional cleaner gives you back your time. I’m sure there are a thousand other things you have to complete when moving house, and getting someone to do the dirty work frees you to do the other stuff you have to get to, particularly the multitude of things that have to happen in a move. Not only this, but using a professional cleaning company guarantees your bond back. In the end it is well worth the money, because it is one less thing you have to worry finishing on time and doing properly. Once you book with Whizz, you will receive an ‘sms’ stating the time and date of the clean. You can also access an invoice. The user friendly website clearly states everything included in the clean. You can download the Whizz app in either Google Play or through Apple.

Whizz has been in operation since 2014 and is available Australia wide. You can book in under a minute using your mobile phone. If you’d prefer to phone, someone is available to take your call 7 days a week. Whizz understands that everyone has different needs, so if there is something extra you require they are happy to help. You can inform a customer service operator or write it in the ‘contact us’ buttons on the website or app. They also offer same day services.

Remember, you have entered a contract to restore the residence to its original state – cleaned by professionals. They are proficient in after tenancy cleaning. Moving residence is an extremely vexatious experience. All the packing and boxing of items, decluttering of belongings and dismantling of furniture, seem never ending. Then dealing with the removalists, not cheap, even with a moderate sized move, can come at a cost of thousands of dollars. To hire Whizz is financially a drop in the ocean of the overall outlay of moving residence. It frees your time, reduces your stress levels and honours your contract to leave the residence as you found it. You have peace of mind, less stress and without question your bond is returned. It is guaranteed. That should make you as happy as the sound of one hand clapping.