Meet the Whizz team: Sam Clift


Sam Clift loves three things: his wife, surfing, and helping customers get the best end of lease cleans possible! Whizz’s new Business Development Manager and our Employee of the Month used to be in the Australian fashion industry but he was looking for a change and Whizz was a great opportunity that he couldn’t pass up.

All in a day’s Whizz

Sam starts the day at 6 am, reading through emails while taking coffee. “I head into the office for a debrief with guys, sales meeting, few laughs, then out and about catching up with clients and building new business.”

It’s a lot of work, but work he enjoys. “I’m with a bunch of people I actually really like, and I’m involved in something exciting with massive potential.”

sam 3

Sam is part of the team that handles End of Lease or Moving Out cleans, so he works with a lot of property agents and companies. That’s where his background in brand management, marketing and product development come in handy. Aside from attending to all the queries and concerns – Sam is great at making sure the cleans meet both their and their landlord’s expectations – he also arranges events and other initiatives.

Like right now, he’s busy working on a very exclusive, by-invitation-only party at the Island. It’s Whizz’s thank you for the top property agents who gave the most customer referrals. Any chance of getting in, if you’re not a property agent? “Call me,” smiles Sam.