Movember promo: earn Whizz discounts each time you go for a run!


RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! We’re not kidding. This Movember – a worldwide campaign that raises awareness on Men’s Health issues like depression and prostate and testicular cancer — Whizz is tying up with Running Heroes Australia to inspire you to get your butt off the couch and exercise.

Why exercise can save your life

Men just aren’t taking care of themselves enough. Movember Australia’s website paints the scary facts: “Men are dying too young. On average, across the world, men die 6 years earlier than women. Three quarters of suicides are by men [one dies every minute]. Cases of prostate and testicular cancer are expected to double by 2030.”

Get Mo’ving, man.

Even just 30 minutes of exercise a day lowers your risk for cancer, heart attack and stroke. It also gives you a flood of endorphins that help relieve stress and prevent burn out and depression.

But despite the overwhelming scientific evidence that exercise lowers your risk for nearly every men’s health issue you can think of, most guys say “I’m too busy!” or “I’m tired” or… well, what’s your excuse?

Whizz and Running Heroes wants to give you an extra reason to get out and get moving! Running Heroes is a website application that’s connected to your running app or connectivity watch. Each time you hit the pavement, you earn points you can redeem for a home clean!

Get on your feet, come home to a treat

“Guys, Whizz gives you two ways you can get healthier and happier right now,” says Mark Bernberg, CEO of Whizz Technologies. “First, you have more free time. Household chores can take up to three hours of your weekend – time you can spend running, going out with friends, and doing what you love. Second, through Running Heroes, you can earn discounts on your home cleans. You save money – and you save your life.”

How does the promo work? Every 100 points gets you $20 off your first two home cleans. When you join, you’ll be signed up for a weekly subscription to be able to conveniently monitor and process your discount – but you can cancel at any time.

While the promo runs (no pun intended) only until January 31, 2016, Whizz hopes that it encourages more men to scale back, delegate the unimportant stuff, and put more time into their health and well-being. “Men always think that they need to do more. But sometimes you have to do less in order to be more. Whizz is here to take care of your home, so you can take care of yourself.”