The Must Have Cleaning Products

Must-Have Cleaning Products to Help You Tackle any Cleaning Task

Visit the cleaning aisle of any supermarket and you’ll find hundreds of cleaning products designed for various cleaning tasks such as stain removal, polishing, dissolving grease, and eliminating mould. Sometimes these products can be effective but they’re not always necessary – you can also achieve a great clean with just a few multipurpose cleaning products. As long as you make sure you have the basics on hand, you’ll be prepared to clean up any mess with minimum fuss.

1. Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre cloths are effective for all kinds of cleaning tasks and can be used wet or dry. Their tiny fibres get inside and pick up even the tiniest dirt particles that normal cloths might just wipe over. You don’t even need to use a detergent with a microfiber cloth as they clean so effectively on their own. Use them wet for general cleaning and dry for dusting and polishing.

2. Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is, of course, essential if you have carpets but it’s also the most effective tool for picking up dust and dirt from non-carpeted areas. You can use it to clean out cupboards and drawers, remove cobwebs and dust from the ceiling and hard-to-reach areas, and to dust and clean furniture.

3. Broom

A broom doesn’t pick up as much dirt as a vacuum cleaner but it’s quicker and easier for sweeping up larger debris, spills of dry ingredients like rice or dried beans, and to clean up broken glass.

4. Mop

In a pinch, you can get down on your hands and knees and clean your floor with a rag, but it’s much quicker and easier on your back to use a mop. Mops are essential for all homes with timber, tiled, or laminate flooring. Some mops include a reservoir for cleaning fluid so you can spray and clean as you go, and steam mops are an effective way of cleaning stubborn dirt.

5. An Old Toothbrush

Forget fancy cleaning equipment – an old toothbrush is one of the most effective tools you can use to get into small areas and scrub away stubborn dirt. It’s particularly useful in the bathroom where you can use it to clean tile grout and around taps – just make sure to keep your cleaning brush separate from your normal toothbrushes!

6. Dishwasher

Many people consider a dishwasher a luxury appliance and it’s certainly not an essential. However, if you have the budget and space for one, a dishwasher will not only make it easier for you to clear up after dinner but also provides a convenient and effortless way to spotlessly clean and sanitise small items.

7. White Vinegar

Plain old white vinegar is a highly effective cleaning product that can be used all over your home. It dissolves grease and hard water deposits, kills germs, eliminates odours, and cleans glass without streaking. Use it neat or dilute it in a spray bottle to use wherever required.

8. Bleach

Bleach is toxic and so should be used sparingly. But, you can’t beat its power for killing germs, removing stains, and cleaning white surfaces. It’s particularly effective for cleaning in the bathroom, including the toilet, and keeping tile grout looking like new. Avoid using it on coloured surfaces, or do a test first in an inconspicuous area, as it might cause white spots.

9. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a light abrasive and so is highly effective at removing stubborn stains without scratching. It can also be combined with vinegar for a fizzing solution that removes water deposits and soap scum and clears out blocked up drains. Try leaving an open container of baking soda in your fridge to neutralise any unpleasant odours.

10. Dishwashing Detergent

Dishwashing liquid is of course effective for cleaning pots and pans but it can also be used for any general cleaning around the home. Dilute it in a spray bottle with water and vinegar to create a multipurpose cleaning spray. You can also use it alone on greasy spots and small areas of laundry to remove stubborn stains and smells.