How Long does End of Lease cleaning take?


Time is your biggest enemy.

Time. Our obsession with it goes back, funnily enough, to the dawn of time. The Greeks had a God for it, Chronos, though as clever as the Greeks were they could in no way envisage the constraints of time in 21st Century Australia. It almost seems that time is against us, our enemy. What happens when you have to move house, how long does End of Lease cleaning take? In mainland capital cities, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, the average daily commute in 2019 stands at 66 minutes per day. Up a whopping 20 per cent since 2002. That’s one hour and six minutes a day, a figure that becomes more flexible when one considers that one in three Australians regularly work from home, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

For most of us, the mere thought of the time it will take to clean a house efficiently is frightening. There isn’t enough time in the day to do everything required, and moving is up there as one of the five most stressful events in life. Most of us like to be organised, and with moving there is certainly an amount of chaos. Things don’t always go as planned and are sometimes out of our control. Though, wouldn’t it feel good to relieve some of the stress by using people more experienced and adept in this type of cleaning? Many Australians use the services of professional cleaners, and in particular for End of Lease cleaning.

End of Lease cleaning is a chore that few tenants are eagerly anticipating. It is far easier, therefore, to leave the dirty work to someone else, someone highly skilled, who can carry it out more efficiently, knowing the areas to clean and the expectations of property managers. Because of this you are more likely to have your bond returned. In fact Whizz guarantees it. If there is an area that needs attention and is stopping the return of your bond, Whizz will send someone to rectify the problem. Customer satisfaction and your feedback are important to Whizz.

What does a commercial cleaner do?

First impressions matter

Under the Australian Government definition there are over two million small sized businesses operating in the country. Swarming around every train station, up every high street and seemingly at every intersection, they are there. Their list of vendible goods is truly astonishing. Homewares to shoes, clothes to electrical, books and nic nacs to priceless antiques, all crammed together vying for attention in a buyer’s market, and a buyer’s market demands the optimum presentation of appearance. That is where having your business professionally cleaned maintains the premises and keeps it looking presentable. So what does a commercial cleaner do, you might ask?

In a nut shell, enlisting the services of a commercial cleaner means a variety of chemicals are used to clean effectively. The work can include all general cleaning as well as things like partition walls, window cleaning, kitchen, dining areas, offices, floors and tiles. It is all dependent on the type of business.

With Central Business District rents in Australia being as high as an eye-watering $1000 per square metre per annum, and even city fringe rents hitting $675 per square metre, there is no margin for error in enticing the paying customer. Whizz is a platform that offers commercial cleaning to your business, whatever that may be. Deftly named WHIZZbiz, you can call for a quote and have your clean customised and tailored to your needs. There are no hidden costs. All Whizz cleans are completed by contracted professional cleaners who have had verified police checks, and also provide their own equipment and products. Every commercial clean booked via Whizz is fully insured. You can have your premises customised cleaned and most choose to do so regularly.

Now if you are going to a car junk yard to purchase the bumper off a 1984 Mazda you will not really make a judgement on the state of the place. After all, it’s a junkyard, but if you walk into a shop to peruse some shoes then why should the carpet smell? You might think twice about eating in a premises that looks dirty and grimy and smells. Or what if you enter a premises to buy clothes and you have to navigate a course around the residue of some mud trampled into the shop when it rained two days ago? Hardly conducive to a sale. Most people who work in shops, come the end of the day, want desperately to lock up and go home, not stay back to clean the workplace. Maintaining a clean environment is something that has to be factored into all commercial premises.

Now we come to the legal reality of the obligation to maintain a clean commercial environment. To enforce that, the Australian Government at every level employs health inspectors. These inspectors have sweeping powers to enter any commercial site and inspect it, whether you like it or not. Police need a search warrant to enter a premises uninvited. However, health inspectors do not. This may seem like some iron-fisted Orwellian nightmare but, as it stands, this is Australian law. There is no point being irresolute about it, Professional Cleaning provides an inbuilt security of customer satisfaction and negating the whims or fancies of any roaming health inspector.

Using a commercial cleaning service to clean your office space can require specific cleaning products that work effectively and aren’t toxic to your environment. All of the contract cleaners have a working knowledge of what will suit your particular space, and by using the same cleaners they will get to know what works best and maintain your space so it is thoroughly clean and smells wonderful. They have the specific industrial equipment and chemicals at hand to deal with whatever industrial cleans are needed; be it a school, large office space, the retail sector, hospitals and more. They clean tiles, steam clean carpets, clean vinyl floors, windows and glass, as well as pressurised cleaning, and emptying of bins, and these are just some of the things involved in a commercial clean.

You can contact Whizz either by phone or via email. They also have an easy to download app available through Google Play or via Apple. Established in 2014 Whizz is a flexible company that understands customer satisfaction is the number one driving force in moving forward. That is why they encourage an open dialogue and feedback in order to better understand you as the customer and your individual needs. In regard to commercial cleaning, once you complete the form under ‘commercial cleaning’ with details of your business, a customer service operator will give you a quote specific to the type of clean you are seeking. Whizz outsources the best contract cleaners and guarantees customer satisfaction. You can then choose to have your business cleaned regularly from one of the professionals that are outsourced.

It is well known that having a clean environment makes for more productivity. Who wants to come to an office or to a shop and walk over the dirt that was there from the previous day? It can say a lot about your company, and as Oscar Wilde stated ‘first impressions do matter.’ Whizz is an Australian wide platform and has various discounts on offer. Commercial cleaners can, as part of their duties, address that stain on the carpet which is impossible to remove, and perform tasks such as refilling paper towelling dispensers, replenishing soap, and other necessary requirements such as waxing the floor and general maintenance, to ensure your working area looks orderly and clean, and health standards are met. They can also order in new relevant stock, things that you don’t have to bother about. Bear in mind there are other methods that a health inspector may adopt apart from visual inspections, so as mentioned earlier, there are legal ramifications in not maintaining a clean and decluttered environment. Commercial cleaners are similar to people who might clean your house, except they have all the necessary equipment, products and experience of working in a different and often larger scale environment.

What is end of tenancy?

Your bond back is guaranteed when you use Whizz cleaners.

What is end of tenancy, and what happens now? If you are reading this, then it is a fair assumption that you are engaged in a rental contract. That wouldn’t make you Robinson Crusoe as roughly ten million people, and growing, are involved in rental contracts in Australia. Every contract has an expiry date and when it arrives, the onus is entirely on the tenant to ensure that the residence has been cleaned to the standard acceptable to the landlord – that is, professionally. More and more as the rental market is squeezed in Australia, end of tenancy cleaning is essential for a myriad of reasons but we will look at just two. Firstly, it is important to maintain a good history of tenancy to ensure a positive response to future rental applications.

In the entire world on the list of countries to which people move residence regularly, Australia comes in at fifth. The Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that in the 20 – 29 year old age group one third of people will have moved in the last 12 months, and in the 30-39 year age group 60 per cent of people are described as moved recently. Over all, one in six people will have moved within the last 12 months, and just under half in the last 5 years. You can either clean your house yourself or pay a professional who offers end of tenancy cleaning.

With leases being a one year option, it creates a bottleneck because of the end of a lease. A movement of this size leads to a pressure cooker market which, as you have seen, results in dozens and dozens of people attending each and every property inspection. If you have not satisfied your previous landlord’s perception of a cleanly vacated premises then don’t expect a positive future with rental applications. Real estate agents access a service titled ‘The Tenancy Database.’ It does what it says on the box – it provides information to agents enquiring as to an applicant’s previous rental history. This is referred to in the industry, as ‘The Bad Tenants Database’ or, even worse, ‘The Blacklists’. It is best to avoid having your name on it, as is with all things cyberspace, an indelible reference for the future. Tenancy Databases operate on both a State and Federal level in Australia. Secondly, apart from reputational damage, professional cleaning is essential for a full refund of your bond. This is entirely at the discretion of your landlord, who will expect no less than professional cleaning standards. Whizz is a convenient platform that offers end of tenancy cleaning to ensure your bond returns safely to you. All cleaners are contracted and have at least one year’s professional experience. The company was established in 2014 and is available in all States and Territories across Australia.

There is no point in quibbling with a landlord who declares the residence is of an unclean state. In all the disputed cases in New South Wales to come before the Tribunal on this issue only one was returned in the tenant’s favour. It is obvious that a couple of hundred dollars spent for post tenancy cleaning will ensure the return of your bond, which is at least a few thousand dollars in money well spent. The math is simple.

You are better off leaving it to the experts who are adept at end of lease cleans, and know what areas they need to target so that you don’t have to spend the arduous task doing this yourself when you have enough to worry about in moving, such as picking up the keys to the new premises, changing the utilities, and the paperwork involved, and your mind is already on the new place of residence. Perhaps you might not have anticipated all the cleaning involved in your new home. It makes things much easier to pay someone else to help. Enlisting help is not as expensive as you might think. Whizz clearly states the cost of having your home cleaned and prices are fixed so there are no hidden costs. Whizz also does ‘extras’ – if there is anything you want attended to in an end of lease clean just leave a note and Whizz cleaners are happy to oblige. It is a platform that realise the importance of customer satisfaction. That is why feedback is important in order to continue to improve things.

You can download the app via Google Play or through Apple. You can make a booking in under a minute using your mobile phone. You are not required to be there for a clean if that is more convenient – just leave your keys out and know that all the contractors have been police checked and insured.

Whizz values customer satisfaction and guarantees your bond back, so if there is something that is not cleaned properly and stopping you from obtaining the safe return of your bond, someone will be sent within 24 hours to rectify the problem.

You as a tenant are obligated to leave the place to the standard set out in the condition report, notwithstanding ‘wear and tear’ of the premises. The report is a fair record, containing consensus between the landlord and the tenant. That is why it is paramount that you fill this out correctly initially, but there are standard requirements that property managers look for when tenants vacate. Whizz contractors have a working knowledge as they perform plenty of end of tenancy deep cleans.

There is a customer service operator available to take your call 7 days a week. All the contractors come with all the correct products and equipment to clean your house until it is of high standard. When you consider the cost of buying all the products and equipment needed when you have end of tenancy cleaning duties to perform, this too is another reason you might want to hire help. Most people use the services of professionals for this reason.


House cleaner made me happier, healthier and more productive.

Just ask Jenny

I learn something new every time I get my hair done by Jenny, my gregarious hairdresser, who declared to the ladies in the salon last week that using a house cleaner ‘made me happier, healthier and more productive.’

I wanted to know more as I was entertaining the idea myself and the hairdresser has over the years proven to be the place to provide answers to any of my questions. If a house cleaner made me happier, healthier and more productive I was ready jump right in and give it a go, after all everyone uses a cleaner these days I’m told.

Jenny is in her late 50’s and looks the part with her blunt haircut and unique style. She said she had no guilt in deciding to use a house cleaner as has never really been interested in cleaning her house, yet describes herself as a fairly clean person. ‘I didn’t feel a failure because having a house cleaner made me happier, healthier and more productive’ she reiterated. You’re not going to look back on your life wishing you had cleaned more but you will appreciate the time given back to you when you get help.

Jenny says there isn’t much I need to bother with in between cleans however ‘The only thing I insist on is that everyone who uses the shower sprays it with this magic product you just leave on – the shower recess looks amazing. My family and every visitor who use the shower knows this and will be scolded if they don’t spray it’, she says in a half joking manner.

Once she decided to use a house cleaner, Jenny said she was so relieved and it was a huge weight off her shoulders. She even has a cleaner for her salon, though not the same one. ‘It frees me up to do other things that I enjoy, especially now I am working full- time and have young grandchildren to care for every Monday on my day off’.

‘It’s so wonderful to come home to a clean house that smells great’, Jenny says. At first she was reluctant to use a cleaner, and had some reservations, though not over things you might think. ‘I have had the same cleaner for close to twenty years and have panic attacks at the thought she will retire’, Jenny professes. ‘I used to be one of those women who rushed around to clean the house before the cleaner came, worried what she would think of the mess particularly having three small children. These worries were short lived and I don’t bother doing anything much except making sure there is nothing she can trip over. I went from having weekly cleans with the kids at home and now it is fortnightly.’

‘My cleaner would give incentives to my kids. A certificate awarded to the cleanest room would be left on the bed; my room was often the winner much to the dismay of my kids’, Jenny joked. ‘Once they became teenagers they lost interest and didn’t bother cleaning their rooms, but it worked for many years’.

‘It took a couple of different cleaners and some funny stories along the way before I was blessed with the one I have now who is an integral part of the family. If I want anything extra cleaned, I just leave her a note. Over the years I have recommended her to everyone. She has scaled down her workload and now only works at my place and a couple of others. She comes fortnightly and it is now just about maintaining the house. The kids are all grown up and have left home and it’s a large house with only two people living in it. ‘I wouldn’t be able to cope without help’.

Do you have a cleaner?’ Jenny enquires? When I tell her I do not, she looks at me like I’m crazy – then says ‘well you need one.’ I tell her about a platform called ‘whizz’ I’ve been looking at that contracts cleaners and show her the app I have downloaded on my phone. It has all the information about what to expect with a clean. They can clean your house weekly, fortnightly, or ‘on demand’ It specifies what is included in a house clean so you know how much it will cost without any hidden expenses. The prices are fixed. They also provide extra’s like cleaning the oven or the pantry.

It seems they are flexible and the good thing is they bring all their own cleaning gear and products which is really convenient and cost effective in the long run. Whizz ensures you will be happy with your clean, if you are not, they will send someone back to rectify the problem within 24 hours. Whizz likens cleaning to dating – ‘It might take a couple of goes before you’re happy’.

Jenny says that one day it will be inevitable that her cleaner will retire and she will be lost without her but tries not to think about that. She has the place smelling and looking great and knows every inch of Jenny’s 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home. Jenny would rather spend any spare time with her grandkids or watching the many shows on TV that she is addicted to.

As someone looking to spend less time cleaning, the option of a fortnightly clean is attractive to me and an exercise in self-care. Getting that time back that it takes to clean will allow me to enjoy life more. I’ll be able to do the things I have wanted to do and haven’t been able to because I haven’t the time or energy. I, like Jenny will be able to tell others how having a house cleaner made me happier, healthier and more productive. It suits me that I don’t have to be around for a Whizz clean and it provides peace of mind to know the contractors are all police checked and insured.




Is Professional Cleaning required at the end of Tenancy?


When moving out it pays to get the services of a professional

Is Professional Cleaning required at the end of tenancy at first appears as a conundrum like how long is a piece of string? Or what is the sound of one hand clapping, resembling some Buddhist teaser with no discernible concrete answer. Well, it’s simple; the answer is technically no, but factually yes. Now that is not as dichotomous as it sounds.

If we rephrase the question to is professional cleaning required at the end of tenancy if you wish to recoup your bond? The answer becomes quite simpler and clearer. Yes. When most people are faced with signing a lease they are more than a bit eager having endured dozens of expectations and applications and the pursuit is more often than not exasperating and the longer the hunt, the more the stress piles up. Sign that lease as fast as you can you think. But a lease is a legally binding document and is quite a few pages in length. If you read the entire agreement it will state, devoid of any literary confusion, that the residence must be left in the state it was found. Cast your mind back to when you moved in. No dust, no grime, no cobwebs, cleaned blinds and windows. A sparkling oven and a laundry looking like it is new. Carpet that has had all residual aromas removed. Food preparation, body odours, dirt, grime and even insects can affect the smell of a carpet and that is before we get to pets.

Natalie relays a story of frustration of dealing with a real estate agent who was withholding her bond because of a mark on the wall that she said was already there when she moved in. Due to her not being able to produce a condition report and the real estate agency stating there was no evidence of a mark it became more complicated. Natalie tried to get the mark off the wall but was unsuccessful. ‘That is when I decided to use a professional cleaner who was able to fix the problem and I got my bond back in full, which was quite a lot of money.’ Natalie said she now always uses cleaners to do end of lease cleaning. That way if there is a problem getting the bond back the real estate agency can be informed that it was cleaned professionally and they won’t argue with that.

Whizz is a platform that contracts out cleaners; they are all police checked and insured and have at least one year’s professional experience. You don’t have to be home for your clean if that is more convenient. As the fees are fixed, there is no time frame on the clean so they will clean until your house looks beautiful.

The reason the residence is presented in such a fashion is that it has been professionally cleaned. Either the tenants engaged them or the real estate agent has withheld their bond and engaged the services themselves. Either way, the job is professional. ‘Professional’ is defined as being above and beyond amateur and to have advanced training. Whizz cleaners are professional and are experienced with end of rental cleaning. They are equipped with expensive and productive apparatus to ensure that you and, more importantly, your real estate agent, are satisfied with the results. In fact, it is guaranteed. You hire Whizz and your bond is returned, no ifs or buts.

It’s always better when someone else cleans your house, and you come home to it smelling and looking great and have a greater appreciation for it. The truth is more often than not using a professional cleaner means that they do a better job and their expertise means they know what products work best. Using a professional cleaner gives you back your time. I’m sure there are a thousand other things you have to complete when moving house, and getting someone to do the dirty work frees you to do the other stuff you have to get to, particularly the multitude of things that have to happen in a move. Not only this, but using a professional cleaning company guarantees your bond back. In the end it is well worth the money, because it is one less thing you have to worry finishing on time and doing properly. Once you book with Whizz, you will receive an ‘sms’ stating the time and date of the clean. You can also access an invoice. The user friendly website clearly states everything included in the clean. You can download the Whizz app in either Google Play or through Apple.

Whizz has been in operation since 2014 and is available Australia wide. You can book in under a minute using your mobile phone. If you’d prefer to phone, someone is available to take your call 7 days a week. Whizz understands that everyone has different needs, so if there is something extra you require they are happy to help. You can inform a customer service operator or write it in the ‘contact us’ buttons on the website or app. They also offer same day services.

Remember, you have entered a contract to restore the residence to its original state – cleaned by professionals. They are proficient in after tenancy cleaning. Moving residence is an extremely vexatious experience. All the packing and boxing of items, decluttering of belongings and dismantling of furniture, seem never ending. Then dealing with the removalists, not cheap, even with a moderate sized move, can come at a cost of thousands of dollars. To hire Whizz is financially a drop in the ocean of the overall outlay of moving residence. It frees your time, reduces your stress levels and honours your contract to leave the residence as you found it. You have peace of mind, less stress and without question your bond is returned. It is guaranteed. That should make you as happy as the sound of one hand clapping.

Can your landlord charge you for cleaning?

What is considered a clean premises?

The New South Wales Tenancy Act contains 228 separate pieces of legislation but does any of this answer the question of, can your landlord charge you for cleaning? At no point does the Act clearly, legally define what is considered a clean residence. It appears that is left to the discretion of the real estate agency. Maybe they should have 229 pieces of legislation, but never mind, that is how it stands. Therefore, it is perfectly legal for a landlord to withhold your security deposit, your bond money, if they feel in any way dissatisfied with the state of the vacated property. A lot of things in life are subjective, as in ‘Was that a good book to read’? ‘Do you like to eat spicy food’? It is also subjective for the real estate agency to arbitrate as to whether a residence is, or is not, cleaned to their satisfaction.

Given that there is no strict legal definition, it is probably best to consider their perception. To a real estate agent a clean residence is generally defined as clean as brand new, with a never lived in look. Any demarcation is left to the agent’s discretion. Of course there are too many single issues regarding the end of tenancy cleaning of a residence to mention them all individually, but it is reasonable to say that a lot of people may, inadvertently overlook one or two of them. For example, would you have considered to clean the back of the toilet bowl or remove all of the tile grout? How about to remember to defrost the freezer compartment in the fridge? A real estate agent’s concept would also include professionally cleaned carpets. If you don’t organise it then they are perfectly within their legal rights to withhold your bond money and organise it to be cleaned to their satisfaction, at your expense. Any single aberration can lead to you forfeiting your bond. In fact, the agency can charge you over the cost of your bond if they see fit. It is entirely up to them. It is not an uncommon practice.

The most frequent claim by agents for withholding bond money is dissatisfaction with the cleanliness of the vacated residence. A usual topic of conversation in Australia these days is how the concept of home ownership has slipped away from the current generation. The Grattan Institute figures show that in 1986 over 58 per cent of the 25-34 age group were involved in home ownership; today it stands at less than 45 per cent. That means 55 per cent of the age group are involved in the rental market – hundreds of millions, each year, tied up in the Rental Bond Market. Unfortunately, over one third of those bonds are not returned, at the discretion of real estate agents. There are more than ten million people renting in Australia and with the longest lease being one year in length, many people are moving all the time and a lot of money is vanishing into the black hole of a real estate agent’s perception of cleanliness. A professional cleaning service can simply mean having a drain cleaned rather than throwing money down it. Whizz is a platform that uses professional contract cleaners and has been doing end of tenancy cleaning since 2014. It is available Australia wide and you can download the Whizz app and make a booking very easily. You can speak with a customer service operator 7 days a week.

Who hasn’t been on the end of a real estate agent’s nit picking regarding wear and tear and accidents that can occur which are out of your hands and not your fault. You should not be penalised for this. It’s always a nervous wait to see if the vacated premises is of a standard the landlord is happy with, considering that the term ‘clean’ as mentioned is subjective. Often it involves back and forth dialogue depending on who you are dealing with. That is why it is always important to fill in the condition report carefully. This enables a comparison of the condition the property is in at the start of the tenancy and at the end of the tenancy. Without this, it can be a battle to prove that any damage did take place before moving in. Sharon tells of her frustration on vacating a rental recently when the real estate agent complained of a stain on the carpet. She had reported it at the time of moving in. However, the real estate agency had changed hands and was now under new management. The leak in the toilet caused the carpet to stain, something that was beyond her control and should have been factored in, but instead it meant she had to again prove that it was not her fault. She had the carpet professionally cleaned but the stain still remained. Had she not had it professionally cleaned she said it would have been more of a battle to get her bond back. Luckily she still had the emails she sent to the real estate agency five years previously informing them of the stain from the leaking toilet.

Vacating a premises is often hurried and very stressful. Whizz cleaners have a professional relationship with real estate agencies and therefore know the specific areas to target with end of tenancy cleaning and guarantee that you will get your bond back. If there is an area deemed unclean by a landlord or real estate agency they will return within 24 hours to address this. Whizz cleaners come equipped with their own cleaning equipment and products, which make it so much easier, particularly when you are moving out. The prices are fixed and there are no hidden fees. Everything included in the clean is clearly set out on the website and you don’t have to be around for a clean if that is your preference. All Whizz contractors have been police checked and are insured so that should give you peace of mind.


What does a Professional Cleaning Company offer?

Using a professional cleaning company means less stress and more time

Professional Cleaning Services offer to cater for the swiftly altering face of the suburbs of Australia. Such vicinities have changed beyond recognition in the last twenty years as have the requirements and demands of the residents. People are pushed for time in a way that would frankly be incomprehensible a mere twenty years ago. Every aspect of our lives has seismically shifted and the way we choose to spend our leisure time has had to accommodate this fact.

Whizz is a platform that employs professional cleaners who are all police checked and insured and come equipped with the correct equipment and products to clean effectively. They offer residential cleans as well as commercial cleans and started as a professional cleaning company in 2014.

In 1998/99, the Australian Bureau of Statistics first published information on the cleaning business, with the listing of 5,900 businesses from sole traders to national companies involved in cleaning. This was to cater for a population of 18.7 million. Fast track those figures to 2019 and we have over an astonishing 15,000 companies to cater for a population of 25 million. For an increase in population of 30 per cent we have a 300 percent rise in cleaning companies. That’s a ratio of ten to one.

It doesn’t mean Australians have become ten times more slovenly, it indicates that we now factor in domestic cleaning services to make more available time for our own life pursuits. In 1998 our lifestyle choices were along the lines of that in every shopping strip the largest shop was a Blockbuster video store usually housed in an old converted movie theatre, another indicator of our ever changing lifestyle, and nearby a VHS repair shop.

In 2019 you won’t find a VHS repairman anywhere, and if you want a Blockbuster video store there is only one left. The catch is you will have to go to the city of Bend, Oregan USA to visit it. Times change. Nowadays we enjoy a night in on Netflix and Uber Eats, as our time is precious, and now in unprecedented numbers we hire professional cleaning services so that, as much as can be, our time is our own.

There is a lot to cleaning a residence. Most of us envisage a quick vacuum and a mop once around the kitchen area. A professional service offers steam cleaning, which apart from being a superior clean, also removes all odours, even pet odours. Balconies, fridges and other overlooked areas can be negotiated into or out of your personalised cleaning contract, be that a one off clean, regular or semi-regular clean, or guaranteed bond back cleaning job. Apart from being Australia’s only same day service cleaning contractor, Whizz guarantees that if you are in any way displeased with the quality of its workmanship, they will happily organise for the residence to be cleaned to your satisfaction completely free of charge to you. Whizz upholds its standards.

A lot of people look to use professional cleaning companies for end-of-lease cleans and Whizz offers this service. It’s so much easier to employ the services of someone who knows the right areas to clean to ensure you get your bond back. Whizz has a professional relationship with many real estate agents and therefore understands what the expectations are for the return of your bond.

Whizz offers same day cleanings, called ‘on demand’ cleans. Whizz is flexible, and if there is something else you require they are happy to accommodate this. Whizz is a company that realises the importance of customer satisfaction. They encourage feedback to garner an understanding of what it is people require.

There is an easy to download app that is available via Google Play or through Apple. You can book it all using this as well as check out everything about Whizz. All the costings are transparent with no hidden costs.

I chose to have my home cleaned regularly after much trepidation and it is the best thing I ever did to have someone maintain my house. It has duly taken the pressure off having to buy cleaning products, not to mention the time consumed in cleaning the house myself, especially when there are so many other things I need to get done. In the past I used to put off cleaning until the next day, and then the next, and the thought of it became overwhelming, not only because there were other things I needed to accomplish, but there just didn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Finally I gave in and got a cleaner and now I don’t have to worry about dusting and vacuuming and mopping. I can do the other housework and it is so lovely to come home to a beautifully cleaned and fresh smelling house. I just leave the key out, that time spent cleaning I’ve got back, and I get to accomplish the other necessities that need doing.

As stated above, Whizz cleaners are all police checked and insured, they are reliable, and if there are any extra area that you want cleaned you can just leave a note or talk to someone in the office which is manned 7 days a week. Whizz does commercial cleans as well and all the information is available on their website on exactly what is included in a clean. They are available Australia wide and all their cleaners have gone through rigorous tests and have at least one year’s experience cleaning. There are also discounts available, so it is worth checking out their website. Choosing a professional cleaning company such as Whizz has been the best choice I have made. My house is now maintained to such a great standard and I don’t have to worry about getting the vacuum cleaner out anymore. As well, I don’t have to be at home whilst the clean is taking place. More time and less stress.


Benefits of supporting the gig economy

The Gig Economy is here to stay.

It is the buzz word of every analyst and pundit of the last few years, but what exactly is the ‘gig’ economy? Well, it has occurred as a direct result of what is called macroeconomics, otherwise known as globalism, which has produced a world of two types of people – those who are money-rich and time-poor and those with no money.

The gig economy has created a niche market place that is of mutual benefit to both employer and employee. Workers take on independently contracted and at times short term gigs rather than long term permanent employment for a variety of reasons that suit their lifestyle. No longer does the term ‘gig’ just apply to the roving musician going from gig to gig. The digital arena has been instrumental in creating an evolving workforce, as well as the drive from a generation that are looking for the work/life balance.

Since the global financial crisis there has been an increase in the amount of contract, temporary and freelance work, and figures have shown that between 2014 and 2015 over 4.1 million people have worked in the gig economy. It is the fastest growing sector of the economy as the mindset of the workforce has changed.

Also known as the ‘on-demand economy’, and the ‘collaborative economy’, it has allowed more people, to gain work. Think of a retiree who wants to work a couple of days, or the person who is new to the country, has the right skills and is available to work straight away. The climate reflects the changing attitudes to service and there is a sense that what you want is now easier to obtain in a timely manner. There are countless ‘on demand’ services around and many more emerging. If you think of things like ‘Uber eats’ as an example of how people are outsourcing to help them effectively in their daily lives. You can find someone to pick up your dry cleaning, to drop off alcohol for the party taking place the next day and you haven’t time to leave the office or home. There is someone you can source to walk the dog. This can be done so easily, and there is an App for everything. People have become adept at multi-tasking. No longer do you have to physically go into a bank or post office to pay your bills. Download an App to get your groceries delivered. The time it takes to drive to the shops, to line up and get your food for the week for many is a nightmare and takes them away from other necessary tasks that need to be accomplished.

Whizz is a platform that embodies the gig economy and can supply a highly skilled and adaptable workforce to accommodate your requirements. It has been in operation since 2014, and is the only same day cleaning service available Australian wide.

A survey by Air Tasker revealed that eighty per cent of Australians found traditional workplace hours were inflexible and a negative constraint on their lifestyle. For this reason having a platform where someone can take on work in between school hours is the perfect solution for many, who strengthen the workforce and are part of a business model that values their skills and pays them accordingly.

A study at the University of Chicago found that ‘flexibility rather than hours or income, has the largest impact on satisfaction of employees’. Having the flexibility to work hours and choose work that suits your lifestyle makes for a more productive and efficient workforce. It is not just a myth that working less hours makes people more productive. It also allows for more time to pursue other things that people are passionate about but haven’t been able to because of work constraints. It gives people greater autonomy. They aren’t worked to death, and that satisfaction trickles down.

You can download the Whizz App via Apple or Google Play in under a minute for a convenient way to book your house clean. The App is easy to navigate – you can pick a date, the type of service you require and the fixed pricing. Whizz contractors offer a broad spectrum of services in the retail, medical, hospitality and industrial sector. All contractors come with their own equipment and cleaning products.

If it is a one-off clean you are after, or you are moving house and need your bond back, Whizz can help. Their website clearly states what is included in a residential home clean or an end-of-lease clean. There are no hidden costs and the flexibility of using this platform allows for specialised requests to address any situation. Perhaps you want a particular product used to clean your apartment or there are extra areas needing attention. You can customise your clean. If you decide to have recurring cleans there are great discounts available.

The core value of Whizz is ‘customer satisfaction’ and any dissatisfaction will be personally attended to within 24 hours. All cleaners have met the high standards that Whizz require and feedback is essential to measure the ever changing needs of the customer. With end-of-lease cleans, knowing where and what to clean is something Whizz understand through their working relationship with real estate agents and property managers.

There is someone available 7 days a week to take your call. If you have just had a party and need your place cleaned in a hurry or you want regular cleaning options, the Whizz platform is right for you. If you don’t want to be around for your clean it doesn’t matter, or if you want to have the same cleaner come, then Whizz is for you.

In moving forward, the gig economy has become the modern template for those wanting more control over their environment. Nature insists on change and once change has come, things cannot revert. The gig economy is here and now. In our society it would be unthinkable not to have the likes of Uber and Airbnb, and thirty percent of Australians are free agents choosing this sort of lifestyle.

Home Cleaning – What if things go wrong?


Why your happiness is important

Disregarding ‘how to be a millionaire in three weeks and a swath of Nigerian Princes’, the internet provides numerous services that offer customer satisfaction, but if you opt for a service like Home Cleaning – What if things go wrong?

Even with only a cursory review of recent articles it becomes apparent that sometimes what is advertised and glorified in cyberspace can be disparate from reality. It is often a rudimentary process to ensure that in reality you get what you paid for. Many Australians have recently taken to employing a domestic cleaning service. This is no longer considered to be a luxury, rather a pragmatic solution to domestic bliss in the hectic and time constrained 21st Century. If you decide to have cleaners and opt for a service such as Home Cleaning – What if things go wrong? We all know things can go wrong, so knowing what measures are in place if you find yourself in some sort of predicament is a prerequisite to choosing the right company or service.

Whizz employs professional cleaners who take pride in their work. They come equipped with their own cleaning equipment and cleaning products so you do not have to supply a thing. Many of our clients choose to have regular cleans and build relationships with our contractors who get to know their house and what is required to maintain it. Under their frequently asked questions for Home Cleaning – What if things go wrong? You will see that Whizz is flexible and hopes to solve any problem that may arise. We are upfront with exactly what it is we offer and this can all be found on our website or by contacting one of our customer service advisors who are more than happy to help.

To avoid confusion, it is important to understand what areas are included in your home clean as well as knowing what is not. For example, removing pet faeces is not part of our service, nor is moving heavy objects and furniture. Unblocking your toilet is not in the agreement either. However, what drives Whizz is ‘customer satisfaction’ and we endeavour to make you happy. We are flexible and are always looking for ways to improve. If there is an area we have cleaned with which you are not completely satisfied you can take a photo and send it to us though any of our ‘contact us’ buttons on our easy to navigate website or via our mobile app. This can be downloaded through Google Play or the Apple store.

In hiring domestic cleaners it is quite reasonable to expect all carpet and floor space be vacuumed and mopped and the shower and toilet areas be disinfected. Dusting should also be inclusive. Some disagreements relate to perception – was it cleaned enough? Or why wasn’t a particular area cleaned? Feedback is an integral part of our platform; we have been in operation since 2014, have cleaned over 40,000 houses, and are always looking at ways to improve.

Common disappointments regarding home cleaning are that the area was not sufficiently cleaned, noise can pose problems, or what was included in the clean was ambiguous. Whizz, like any other company, values our customers and if you are not happy with any aspect of the clean, someone will come back and rectify the said problem. The services that are not included in your clean are clearly stated on our website and we offer extra services such as ‘cleaning the fridge, the balcony, cupboards, pantry and oven.’ There is also the option to have your carpet steam cleaned as an ‘extra service.’ Some people prefer a particular product to be used to clean their floor for example. Whizz understands and are more than happy to facilitate this. Just let us know and we can ensure your preferred product is used.

It is important to understand that just one clean is unlikely to produce ‘brochure perfect’ pictures. This can take a couple of cleans, but with regularity it is guaranteed. Of course our employees as they become more accustomed to the particular environment become more effective. There is a high standard the contractors have to meet before cleaning with Whizz. We also like to keep up to date with the current cleaning methods and equipment on the market.

Whizz also offers an ‘on demand’ service; perhaps you need a same day clean because you have people coming over the next day and you have not had time to clean the mess up from the party you had on the weekend. We offer this service and are able to provide you with an approximate time of arrival. This is all set out clearly on the website. You are quite within your rights to cancel your booking and reschedule and be refunded – just give us 24 hours’ notice. Once you have booked a clean with Whizz, you will be sent an SMS to confirm the details of your booking, plus an email with the receipt of your payment. You can also view your account online through the Whizz website. A lot of people like to use the app which is easy to download, and the beauty is, you can arrange all of this via your mobile phone without having to speak with anyone. All Whizz cleaners have been cleaning for at least one year, are insured and police checked. We regularly carry out quality assurance checks on properties to ensure our high standard is adhered to. Our prices are fixed so one of our professionals will clean until your house looks sparkling. It is your choice as to whether you would like to be around for the clean. Your happiness is the most important thing to us, so if you are concerned when booking a service like Home Cleaning, rest assured if things go wrong, as they sometimes do, there is always someone you can speak to who, will try and address the problem.