Our Whizz app has won Gold in the 2015 Australian [app] design awards! Organised by Design 100, the award recognizes applied design – the technical term for “things that should work as well as they look, or get thrown into the rubbish bin.”

Honestly, we’re proud of the award, but even prouder that we’ve made YOUR life easier. “We wanted to create an app where people could find and book a cleaner in a few quick clicks. It needed to be as simple as adding a picture to Instagram,” says Marc Lipsitz, Whizz’s creative director. He took charge of design and user experience, working with iOS developer Denis Butelitsky into the wee hours of the morning. They drank a lot of coffee. They sent files back and forth. They used up a lot of Post-its.

Post-its? Yup.

“We got started by doing quick sketches on post-it notes and sticking these on the walls to work out the best way and simplest way to book a clean. Once we settled and refined these steps we then set about designing the app and making it fun and easy to use,” Marc explains.

The biggest challenge was developing a way for customers to describe their home without going into specific dimensions. They narrowed it into 3 inputs – number of rooms, bathrooms, and floors/storeys – and said it with playful icons and one-click fields. “My benchmark was if my mum – who isn’t tech savvy – could use it without having to ask, ‘How do I do this?’”

The team designed the booking experience to be fresh and clean — just like a home after a Whizz. We’re happy to get an award, but our reward is this: knowing we’ve saved you stress and cleared your mess.

Mum would approve.