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WHIZZ launched the Android app just a week ago, so it’s only fitting that our WHIZZ Employee of the Month is man who made it all possible: Keyur Thakkar.

WHIZZ Tech Lead Neil Grusd first hired Keyur to work on a test assignment. It took him three days to finish it. But could he finish an Android app in three months?

Challenge accepted.

One app to rule them all

Keyur had two things working for him: extensive experience (he worked for LG Electronics for over 6 years) and the fact that he’s an Android user himself. “I’ve never even touched an Apple phone in my life!” he says. “There are more features, more apps. There’s just so much more you can do with Android.”

But this flexibility is exactly why developing for Android can be, well… such a pain in the app. Keyur and his team had to keep in consideration the vast multitude of different Android devices on the market to ensure the app worked flawlessly on each.


“On a scale of 1 to 10, my stress level was about… a 9,” says Keyur, who says the late nights and pressure never got to him because of the incredible positivity and support he got from the Whizz team. “It was a group effort and we met the challenges together. ALL IN!”

He adds that problems don’t bring him down; he actually welcomes them. “How can you do your best if you’re not being pushed past your limits? I get an energy rush whenever I encounter an issue. I am excited to find out how to solve it.”

Keyur and his team had to keep in consideration the vast multitude of different Android devices on the market to ensure the app worked flawlessly on each.

Keyur, After hours

Keyur loves to cook, and even signed up for classes on pastries, chocolate making, and different cuisines at the nearby community college. He’s in charge of WHIZZ’s Breakfast Club – a weekly potluck to kick off the day with good food and good vibes. Keyur collects everyone’s wish lists and assigns the dishes.

n weekends, he visits his sister and nephew. He also hopes to see more of Australia, and maybe find time to write again. He used to blog back in 2006, writing down his thoughts on relationships, life, a day at work. He would even write poetry.

But right now he’s focused on improving the Android app. “It’s like a baby. You take care of it when is sick (like when it isn’t stable) and you ‘raise’ it so it becomes better.”

Now download the Whizz Android app and make its daddy proud.

jin cleaner

Before he joined Whizz, Jin Longquan had already been running his own small Sydney cleaning service for two years. But he saw Whizz as a chance to expand his horizons and meet different people. A real estate agent passed his contact details to the team, and he’s been Whizzing with us ever since.

Jin is a thorough, efficient cleaner who takes on the toughest jobs with 100% commitment. No grime is too great, no spot is too stubborn – he’ll work at it until she meets her own incredibly high standards of sparkling.

Making cleaning magic

Jin always goes to each booking preparing. “I bring a microfiber cloth and a good spray can and make the magic happen!” he says. And what is this very special spray can that cuts through all the dirt and sets all messes right?

No, the secret isn’t in the can, but the belief that “You can!” Jin says it’s all about attitude. “Good attitude, good jobs; bad attitude, bad jobs,” he summarizes. It’s a philosophy he applies to everything. Let’s face it, life gets messy too, and not all problems disappear with a spritz of bleach. But Jin says just have to roll up your sleeves and tackle it. “If you do not like something, change it. If you cannot change it, change your attitude.”

No place like home

After a hard day’s work, Jin likes to sit down to a good meal (he loves Chinese food and coconut water), watch movies, or play the guitar. His favorite place in the world is a mountain skiing resort in his hometown of Haerbin. There really is no place like home!

And that’s the feeling he hopes to give to every Whizz customer. When you come home after a long day at the office, he wants you to open the door and feel the relief and comfort of knowing every corner is clean, every surface is shiny, and all of you have to sit back and relax.

That’s the magic.


Sam Clift loves three things: his wife, surfing, and helping customers get the best end of lease cleans possible! Whizz’s new Business Development Manager and our Employee of the Month used to be in the Australian fashion industry but he was looking for a change and Whizz was a great opportunity that he couldn’t pass up.

All in a day’s Whizz

Sam starts the day at 6 am, reading through emails while taking coffee. “I head into the office for a debrief with guys, sales meeting, few laughs, then out and about catching up with clients and building new business.”

It’s a lot of work, but work he enjoys. “I’m with a bunch of people I actually really like, and I’m involved in something exciting with massive potential.”

sam 3

Sam is part of the team that handles End of Lease or Moving Out cleans, so he works with a lot of property agents and companies. That’s where his background in brand management, marketing and product development come in handy. Aside from attending to all the queries and concerns – Sam is great at making sure the cleans meet both their and their landlord’s expectations – he also arranges events and other initiatives.

Like right now, he’s busy working on a very exclusive, by-invitation-only party at the Island. It’s Whizz’s thank you for the top property agents who gave the most customer referrals. Any chance of getting in, if you’re not a property agent? “Call me,” smiles Sam.

If you’ve ever requested a Whizzard, rescheduled a booking, or called in about a less-than-perfect Whizz, then you’ve met Reece. He’s the guy who sorts it all out and pulls all sorts of miracles to grant customer requests. Like Santa, but with better abs.

Reece Turnbull is the Head Whizzard for Customer Service. He joined the company in September. “There is limitless potential with this company and I wanted to be part of the process,” he said.

Life before Whizz

Before Whizz, Reece worked in the health and fitness industry for 10 years. “I took lots of different roles from Management and running my own business, to Personal Training and Group Fitness Instructing,” he says. “I grew up in rural NSW and enjoy keeping fit and healthy.”

But Reece felt it was time for a change. “Let’s face it, there are only so many grapevines you can do until you decide you need to change careers!”


All in a Day’s Whizz

Reece can get as many as 80 calls and 100 emails a day. “The perfect day would be to get nothing but positive feedback for Whizz!” But when something happens – and Reece’s unofficial job description is The Person To Call When Something Happens – he’s ready to fix it. ‘My biggest challenge is mediation, just trying to make everyone happy.”

But even on the toughest day, Reece is happy he’s joined Whizz. “I’ve always said that a workplace is all about whom you work with and I think we have a great team.”