relaxing in bed

Whizz turned “the humble house clean into a hotel experience” — and here we tell you how to take it further. Make your bedroom your plush, clean and modern retreat.

Use the Rule of Three

Park Hyatt Sydney uses 300 thread count sheets. The Westin Heavenly Bed uses three sheets — a flat sheet, middle sheet, and fitted sheet — literally wrapping you in luxury. Not sure what brand to buy? Check Apartment Therapy’s Top 10 List.

Ditch the plastic bottles

Transfer mouthwash into a crystal decanter, and bath products into pretty bottles. For all-out luxe, shop Conde Naste Traveler’s list of bath products and room fragrances used in five-star hotels and resorts from around the world.

Add a refreshments station

Slide a stainless steel or glass-door mini-fridge into a side table to fake the built-in look. Plug in a coffeemaker, fill a wooden tray with tea bags and your favorite Tim Tams, and you’re set for bedside bliss.
Only Whizz gives you the five-star clean: on-demand service, spotless home, and luxe details like chocolates on your pillow and stickers on your toilet paper. Experience the difference.


Do you have relatives or friends staying over the holidays? We’ve put together these tips that turn you into the Hostess with the Mostest. Impress your house guests, give them the vacation of their lives, with no stress… and no mess! (That’s the Whizz way.)

Give them a Five-Star bathroom

What do you love most about the best five-star hotels you’ve been to? The bathroom, right? No need to buy them their own pricey: salon shampoo: save the toiletries from the hotels, or fill a jar with beauty and skincare samples. They will probably appreciate shampoo, lotion, sunscreen, soap or shower gels, relaxing foot lotions or soaks. You can line these up on the counter, or place them in a large, clear jar. Another beautiful spa touch: roll handtowels and lie them up on a bamboo or wicker tray. If you book a Whizz before your guests arrive, you can show off our trademark toilet seals and toilet roll stickers.

Teach the temperature controls

Everyone’s got their own idea of what’s too hot, too cold, and what’s juuuuuust right. Give them an extra throw blanket and show them where you keep extra linens. Teach them how to use your airconditioner or heater. And just in case they need a warm cuppa, leave a small water pot and a box of assorted tea bags, instant cocoa, and the other warm comforts of home.

All the fluff and no bother

Lay out fluffy towels (easy laundry tip: wash them with a tennis ball!) on the bed. On a more practical note, give your guests colored wash cloths so they can keep track of what’s theirs. You can also have these monogrammed and give them as parting gifts – a souvenir of their stay in your five-star home.

Light the way

This is your home, you know every nook and cranny, and can probably find your way through your home in pitch dark. Your guests, on the other hand, will need small key lights at night so they can get through the corridors without bumping into something. Leave on a lamp or corridor light, and show them where they can find Life’s Greatest Essentials – like the TV remote, the microwaveable Mac and Cheese, and (in case the Mac and Cheese doesn’t agree with them) the toilet plunger.

Ask about their food preferences

Are they allergic to any food? Do they have any dietary needs? Make a meal plan before they arrive, and Google for restaurants that can meet any special requirements (or, for the times you’re both too tired from sightseeing to cook, the restaurants that deliver!). It’s also best to stock up on small, single-serve snacks that they can find and nibble on between meals – especially if they’re coming from a different time zone and get hungry in odd times of the day!

Set up a charging station

All guests will appreciate a place where they can charge their phones, laptops, camera and video cam batteries, etc. Show them the sockets or be extra awesome and lend them a power bank. And needless to say, they’ll want to know how to access your home WIFI – print out the access codes on a card next to your charging station.

Give them local maps and guides

You want to entertain guests, but you also want to let them explore on your own. Provide street, bus and subway maps so they can move around. Clip the entertainment sections of your local paper or collect brochures and links for local sights, concerts and events that are running during their stay.

Print out emergency contact info

Aside from the usual fire, police and standard emergency numbers, give them your mobiles, office numbers, and alternative contact information. Other useful numbers: local cab companies, reservation numbers of nearby restaurants and takeout joints – anything that will make their life easier in case they can’t reach you.

Book a Whizz

You’ve got guests coming over. You want your home to look amazing, but why waste time cleaning when you can spend time with them? Leave the cleaning to us: we’ll prepare your home for their arrival, maintain it while you sight see, and clean up the mess when they leave.


Imagine a perfectly organized home — everything in its place, all pretty and easy to find. No rummaging through drawers to find the extra batteries. No Monday morning panic as you toss out half your closet searching for the jacket you really want to wear. NO MESS. These 3 cleaning resolutions can make it happen.

1. “I will only keep what I use and love.”

This is the only step that actually takes work, but it makes the rest of your life easier.
We only really use a fraction of the stuff in our homes. The rest is crammed into cabinets, leaving no space for what we really need. (Perfect example: we know exactly where to find Grandmother’s fine china, but take 5 minutes to find the wine corkscrew.)

Make it easier: get rid of anything you haven’t used in the last year, because if you didn’t need it then, you won’t need it now. Make three piles: throw, give away, or store. Feel guilty for tossing something expensive? Consider the price of real estate in Sydney – and how much that item is costing you in square inch of clutter.

You can keep some things for sentimental value, but curate your collection. And if you store something, label the box and place in higher shelves. Save the easy-access cabinets and shelves for stuff you use every day.

2. “I will create storage that works for me.”

Sick of rummaging through several drawers to find that one little thing you need? Aside from the usual office supply trays, boxes and pouches, you can get interlocking dividers that let you customize your spaces. Small boxes and pouches. Try thinking out of the box (pardon the pun): use ice cube trays to store earrings or extra buttons, or hanging shoe organisers for craft or kitchen tools.

Shopping tip: don’t buy organizers until you know what you’ll keep and where to keep it, and go to the store armed with your shelf or cabinet dimensions.

Make it easier: you know how they say the secret of a successful store is “Location, Location, Location” – well it’s the same for storage, too. Place extra batteries in the drawer near the TV remote. Keep a “catch-all” basket near the front door where you can empty pockets and drop keys, coins, ID cards, or whatever you’re likely to look for when you’re on your way out again.

3. “I will clean as I go.”

Instead of waiting for clutter to pile up, just do little “mini cleans” as you walk across the room. Sort out and toss the papers on your desk while waiting for your computer to power up. Wipe the kitchen sink while soup simmers on the stove. And while you’re dressing up and discover a shirt you hate or doesn’t fit, toss it into a ready box labeled “For Giving Away” instead of shoving it back into your closet.

Make it easierTo help you with your mini cleans, keep cleaning tools accessible! Don’t store all your mops and rags in a cabinet, only to be opened on dreaded Cleaning Day. Make it easy to spot-clean areas. It can be as simple (and as pretty) as three small wicker baskets, each filled with two rags and watered-down cleanser or disinfecting solution in small clear spray bottles. Keep one in the kitchen, the living room, and the bathroom. So, you can spritz or dust an area as you pass through it, or after you use it. Or, you can fill a tin pail with smaller bottles of your favorite products, rags, and a pair of gloves – easy to pick up when you’ve got a cleaning emergency.


Entertaining guests at your home this holiday? Whether you’re hosting a grand reunion or just having a few friends over for drinks, Whizz is here to make entertaining clean and simple. Here are some tips so you can get through the pre-party decorating.

Concentrate your decorating on key areas

Your guests’ experience begins at the front door and foyer. A few tasteful lights and seasonal decorations welcome them with Christmas cheer. Party planners say you can use your existing home décor, with a few elegant holiday touches like berries and sprigs. Inexpensive fruits like green apples and lemons, or fresh flowers in bowls decorated with a bit of ribbon already add focal points to a side table or guest bathroom. Try decorating existing home plants, like hanging a keepsake ornament on a sturdy plant like an orchid.

Make a table centerpiece in minutes

You don’t need an elaborate table centerpiece. It won’t take 10 minutes to break off a few large roses and placing them in your existing crystal glasses, or use small Christmas tree décor to hold napkins together. You can also place pinecones and Christmas balls in hurricane glasses – they’ll catch the light from the lamps in your dining room. Another great impromptu centerpiece: candles or small wrapped boxes on cake stands!

Every child (at heart) loves candy

Fill glass apothecary jars with candy like colored taffy, chocolates and gummies. You can also place scoops and small bags on the table so guests can bring some home with them after the party.

Dress up the candles

Use holiday ribbon scraps to decorate plain candles. You can pin the ribbon directly on the candle with small stick pins or use a more elegant, decorate pin for extra flair!

Let Whizz make it even easier!

Book a Whizzard and have your home ready for guests! We leave five-star touches like stickers on the toilet rolls and a signature scent. You can also schedule an After Party clean so you won’t have to worry about anything at all (except eating the leftover cake!)