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When the call went out for votes for Employee of the Month, everyone in the Whizz team said, “LILI!” Since Liliani Asipeli joined Whizz’s Customer Service team in November 2015, she’s been filling the office with good vibes and positivity.

Busting for a Whizz

Before joining Whizz, Lili worked in the car rental industry doing Reservations, Customer Service and Corporate/Leisure Sales. But after 7 years she was ripe for a challenge. “I joined the team because I knew Whizz would take me out of my comfort zone – it is the stretch I need to sharpen my skills.” So far, she’s loving her job. “I like the “All In” culture and potential for me to grow.”

Service with a smile

Lili can spend hours on the phone confirming bookings, arranging schedules, and asking customers about their Whizzperience. When someone reports a disappointing Whizz, she’ll go out of her way to sort out the problem and make the next one better. “A perfect day in Whizz would be to have loads of bookings, customers who loved their Whizz experience and advocate to their family and friends,” she says. (Santa, are you taking down notes?)

Celebrating Whizzmas

The last week has been very busy for Lili, as she helps recurring customers adjust their booking schedules around their holiday trips and parties. But she’s looking forward to her favourite part of the season: spending quality time with loved ones. She adores being an Aunty, and just hanging out with friends. “I like hearty conversations and laughing till my stomach feels like I’ve done sit-ups!”

It’s the kind of holiday cheer she hopes to have throughout the year… and brings to the Whizz office every day.

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jin cleaner

Before he joined Whizz, Jin Longquan had already been running his own small Sydney cleaning service for two years. But he saw Whizz as a chance to expand his horizons and meet different people. A real estate agent passed his contact details to the team, and he’s been Whizzing with us ever since.

Jin is a thorough, efficient cleaner who takes on the toughest jobs with 100% commitment. No grime is too great, no spot is too stubborn – he’ll work at it until she meets her own incredibly high standards of sparkling.

Making cleaning magic

Jin always goes to each booking preparing. “I bring a microfiber cloth and a good spray can and make the magic happen!” he says. And what is this very special spray can that cuts through all the dirt and sets all messes right?

No, the secret isn’t in the can, but the belief that “You can!” Jin says it’s all about attitude. “Good attitude, good jobs; bad attitude, bad jobs,” he summarizes. It’s a philosophy he applies to everything. Let’s face it, life gets messy too, and not all problems disappear with a spritz of bleach. But Jin says just have to roll up your sleeves and tackle it. “If you do not like something, change it. If you cannot change it, change your attitude.”

No place like home

After a hard day’s work, Jin likes to sit down to a good meal (he loves Chinese food and coconut water), watch movies, or play the guitar. His favorite place in the world is a mountain skiing resort in his hometown of Haerbin. There really is no place like home!

And that’s the feeling he hopes to give to every Whizz customer. When you come home after a long day at the office, he wants you to open the door and feel the relief and comfort of knowing every corner is clean, every surface is shiny, and all of you have to sit back and relax.

That’s the magic.

keyur 2

Here at Whizz, we always ask, “What more can we do for you?” We’ll take calls after hours. We’ll roll up our sleeves on a fully-booked day and clean a home ourselves, rather than disappoint a customer who’s waiting for a Whizz.

So when Movember rolled in, and Marketing Manager Amandine Plas asked for volunteers to grow a moustache in honor of the global campaign that builds awareness for men’s Health issues, it was absolutely no surprise to us that Keyur Thakkar raised his hand. He wanted to give more. Or, in this case, Give Mo’.

An android geek with a mission

Keyur joined the Whizz tech team in September 2015 to help develop our Android app. “I’m basically an Android geek who plays with the Android droid to get more Whizzes in the city,” says this quiet, unassuming guy. But the Movember cause struck a chord in him.

Millions of men are just like him – hard workers who don’t raise a fuss about niggling aches or pains, and take stress in stride. But research shows that this Can-Do attitude has a flipside: since men rarely ask for help, they are at higher risk for undetected health problems, depression, and cancer. Movember Australia puts it pretty bluntly: “Men are dying too young.”

So that’s why Keyur volunteered – and this is just one of many things that the Whizz team will be doing for November this month. “We don’t speak a lot about man problems. I think it’s important to draw attention to this issues and raise funds to invest in biomedical and clinical research.”

He’s never grown a moustache and after just a few days into it he’s not quite sure how it will go. “So far so good… let’s see in one month what I will look like (wink).”

Whizz is proud of you, Keyur! If you’d like to join Keyur and Whizz and Give Mo’ this month, donate through his MoBro page