Whizz is proud to have the best cleaners in Sydney, and Ramesh Sharma is one of the best of the best! Some of you have not just met him, but requested him. He’s a Whizzard superstar, and our very first Cleaner of the Month.

Ramesh first arrived in Australia 18 months ago to study Business. But you know how crazy uni fees are! He saw our ad, applied online, and the next day he got an invitation from the CEO to come to the office for the interview. (Yes, management interviews all Whizzards personally – we’d never send you someone we wouldn’t trust in our own homes.)

Whizzard at work

Ramesh had all the necessary documents plus the experience and go-getter personality that we look for in all our cleaning partners. He started work soon after, and customers rave about his thoroughness and attention to detail. “I spend 10 extra minutes on every job just rechecking the property,” he says. “I love to make every customer happy. I hate the word ‘complaint’!”

Tools of the cleaning trade

Ramesh never goes to any cleaning job without Mr. Muscle, mould removal products, and multi-purpose cleaners. Yup, these are not miracle products – the magic is in his willingness to scrub, sweep and sweep until everything is sparkling!

Life between Whizzes

After a long day of cleans, Ramesh likes to unwind with a cup of authentic Indian Masala tea – not the ones in tea bags! “Come to my house and I’ll make you one, I am sure you all will love it!” He still loved Indian food. He’s a vegetarian and doesn’t even take fish or eggs. And he’s a big believer in Clean Living – he never drinks alcohol!

Cleaner 911

Ramesh is such an amazing Whizzard that he’s now taking on a bigger role in Whizz. We’ll be sending him out in our Whizz car to check and touch up on other cleans, using that amazing attention to detail to sort out any missed spots or review the really big jobs.

So if you see a blue car with a happy home logo driving up to your doorstep, you know he’s on the job – and you have absolutely nothing to worry about. That’s Ramesh, resident Super Whizzard, there to give you an amazing clean and (if you ask him) teach you how to make a perfect cup of tea.

If you’ve ever requested a Whizzard, rescheduled a booking, or called in about a less-than-perfect Whizz, then you’ve met Reece. He’s the guy who sorts it all out and pulls all sorts of miracles to grant customer requests. Like Santa, but with better abs.

Reece Turnbull is the Head Whizzard for Customer Service. He joined the company in September. “There is limitless potential with this company and I wanted to be part of the process,” he said.

Life before Whizz

Before Whizz, Reece worked in the health and fitness industry for 10 years. “I took lots of different roles from Management and running my own business, to Personal Training and Group Fitness Instructing,” he says. “I grew up in rural NSW and enjoy keeping fit and healthy.”

But Reece felt it was time for a change. “Let’s face it, there are only so many grapevines you can do until you decide you need to change careers!”


All in a Day’s Whizz

Reece can get as many as 80 calls and 100 emails a day. “The perfect day would be to get nothing but positive feedback for Whizz!” But when something happens – and Reece’s unofficial job description is The Person To Call When Something Happens – he’s ready to fix it. ‘My biggest challenge is mediation, just trying to make everyone happy.”

But even on the toughest day, Reece is happy he’s joined Whizz. “I’ve always said that a workplace is all about whom you work with and I think we have a great team.”