What does a commercial cleaner do?

First impressions matter

Under the Australian Government definition there are over two million small sized businesses operating in the country. Swarming around every train station, up every high street and seemingly at every intersection, they are there. Their list of vendible goods is truly astonishing. Homewares to shoes, clothes to electrical, books and nic nacs to priceless antiques, all crammed together vying for attention in a buyer’s market, and a buyer’s market demands the optimum presentation of appearance. That is where having your business professionally cleaned maintains the premises and keeps it looking presentable. So what does a commercial cleaner do, you might ask?

In a nut shell, enlisting the services of a commercial cleaner means a variety of chemicals are used to clean effectively. The work can include all general cleaning as well as things like partition walls, window cleaning, kitchen, dining areas, offices, floors and tiles. It is all dependent on the type of business.

With Central Business District rents in Australia being as high as an eye-watering $1000 per square metre per annum, and even city fringe rents hitting $675 per square metre, there is no margin for error in enticing the paying customer. Whizz is a platform that offers commercial cleaning to your business, whatever that may be. Deftly named WHIZZbiz, you can call for a quote and have your clean customised and tailored to your needs. There are no hidden costs. All Whizz cleans are completed by contracted professional cleaners who have had verified police checks, and also provide their own equipment and products. Every commercial clean booked via Whizz is fully insured. You can have your premises customised cleaned and most choose to do so regularly.

Now if you are going to a car junk yard to purchase the bumper off a 1984 Mazda you will not really make a judgement on the state of the place. After all, it’s a junkyard, but if you walk into a shop to peruse some shoes then why should the carpet smell? You might think twice about eating in a premises that looks dirty and grimy and smells. Or what if you enter a premises to buy clothes and you have to navigate a course around the residue of some mud trampled into the shop when it rained two days ago? Hardly conducive to a sale. Most people who work in shops, come the end of the day, want desperately to lock up and go home, not stay back to clean the workplace. Maintaining a clean environment is something that has to be factored into all commercial premises.

Now we come to the legal reality of the obligation to maintain a clean commercial environment. To enforce that, the Australian Government at every level employs health inspectors. These inspectors have sweeping powers to enter any commercial site and inspect it, whether you like it or not. Police need a search warrant to enter a premises uninvited. However, health inspectors do not. This may seem like some iron-fisted Orwellian nightmare but, as it stands, this is Australian law. There is no point being irresolute about it, Professional Cleaning provides an inbuilt security of customer satisfaction and negating the whims or fancies of any roaming health inspector.

Using a commercial cleaning service to clean your office space can require specific cleaning products that work effectively and aren’t toxic to your environment. All of the contract cleaners have a working knowledge of what will suit your particular space, and by using the same cleaners they will get to know what works best and maintain your space so it is thoroughly clean and smells wonderful. They have the specific industrial equipment and chemicals at hand to deal with whatever industrial cleans are needed; be it a school, large office space, the retail sector, hospitals and more. They clean tiles, steam clean carpets, clean vinyl floors, windows and glass, as well as pressurised cleaning, and emptying of bins, and these are just some of the things involved in a commercial clean.

You can contact Whizz either by phone or via email. They also have an easy to download app available through Google Play or via Apple. Established in 2014 Whizz is a flexible company that understands customer satisfaction is the number one driving force in moving forward. That is why they encourage an open dialogue and feedback in order to better understand you as the customer and your individual needs. In regard to commercial cleaning, once you complete the form under ‘commercial cleaning’ with details of your business, a customer service operator will give you a quote specific to the type of clean you are seeking. Whizz outsources the best contract cleaners and guarantees customer satisfaction. You can then choose to have your business cleaned regularly from one of the professionals that are outsourced.

It is well known that having a clean environment makes for more productivity. Who wants to come to an office or to a shop and walk over the dirt that was there from the previous day? It can say a lot about your company, and as Oscar Wilde stated ‘first impressions do matter.’ Whizz is an Australian wide platform and has various discounts on offer. Commercial cleaners can, as part of their duties, address that stain on the carpet which is impossible to remove, and perform tasks such as refilling paper towelling dispensers, replenishing soap, and other necessary requirements such as waxing the floor and general maintenance, to ensure your working area looks orderly and clean, and health standards are met. They can also order in new relevant stock, things that you don’t have to bother about. Bear in mind there are other methods that a health inspector may adopt apart from visual inspections, so as mentioned earlier, there are legal ramifications in not maintaining a clean and decluttered environment. Commercial cleaners are similar to people who might clean your house, except they have all the necessary equipment, products and experience of working in a different and often larger scale environment.