What is end of tenancy?

Your bond back is guaranteed when you use Whizz cleaners.

What is end of tenancy, and what happens now? If you are reading this, then it is a fair assumption that you are engaged in a rental contract. That wouldn’t make you Robinson Crusoe as roughly ten million people, and growing, are involved in rental contracts in Australia. Every contract has an expiry date and when it arrives, the onus is entirely on the tenant to ensure that the residence has been cleaned to the standard acceptable to the landlord – that is, professionally. More and more as the rental market is squeezed in Australia, end of tenancy cleaning is essential for a myriad of reasons but we will look at just two. Firstly, it is important to maintain a good history of tenancy to ensure a positive response to future rental applications.

In the entire world on the list of countries to which people move residence regularly, Australia comes in at fifth. The Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that in the 20 – 29 year old age group one third of people will have moved in the last 12 months, and in the 30-39 year age group 60 per cent of people are described as moved recently. Over all, one in six people will have moved within the last 12 months, and just under half in the last 5 years. You can either clean your house yourself or pay a professional who offers end of tenancy cleaning.

With leases being a one year option, it creates a bottleneck because of the end of a lease. A movement of this size leads to a pressure cooker market which, as you have seen, results in dozens and dozens of people attending each and every property inspection. If you have not satisfied your previous landlord’s perception of a cleanly vacated premises then don’t expect a positive future with rental applications. Real estate agents access a service titled ‘The Tenancy Database.’ It does what it says on the box – it provides information to agents enquiring as to an applicant’s previous rental history. This is referred to in the industry, as ‘The Bad Tenants Database’ or, even worse, ‘The Blacklists’. It is best to avoid having your name on it, as is with all things cyberspace, an indelible reference for the future. Tenancy Databases operate on both a State and Federal level in Australia. Secondly, apart from reputational damage, professional cleaning is essential for a full refund of your bond. This is entirely at the discretion of your landlord, who will expect no less than professional cleaning standards. Whizz is a convenient platform that offers end of tenancy cleaning to ensure your bond returns safely to you. All cleaners are contracted and have at least one year’s professional experience. The company was established in 2014 and is available in all States and Territories across Australia.

There is no point in quibbling with a landlord who declares the residence is of an unclean state. In all the disputed cases in New South Wales to come before the Tribunal on this issue only one was returned in the tenant’s favour. It is obvious that a couple of hundred dollars spent for post tenancy cleaning will ensure the return of your bond, which is at least a few thousand dollars in money well spent. The math is simple.

You are better off leaving it to the experts who are adept at end of lease cleans, and know what areas they need to target so that you don’t have to spend the arduous task doing this yourself when you have enough to worry about in moving, such as picking up the keys to the new premises, changing the utilities, and the paperwork involved, and your mind is already on the new place of residence. Perhaps you might not have anticipated all the cleaning involved in your new home. It makes things much easier to pay someone else to help. Enlisting help is not as expensive as you might think. Whizz clearly states the cost of having your home cleaned and prices are fixed so there are no hidden costs. Whizz also does ‘extras’ – if there is anything you want attended to in an end of lease clean just leave a note and Whizz cleaners are happy to oblige. It is a platform that realise the importance of customer satisfaction. That is why feedback is important in order to continue to improve things.

You can download the app via Google Play or through Apple. You can make a booking in under a minute using your mobile phone. You are not required to be there for a clean if that is more convenient – just leave your keys out and know that all the contractors have been police checked and insured.

Whizz values customer satisfaction and guarantees your bond back, so if there is something that is not cleaned properly and stopping you from obtaining the safe return of your bond, someone will be sent within 24 hours to rectify the problem.

You as a tenant are obligated to leave the place to the standard set out in the condition report, notwithstanding ‘wear and tear’ of the premises. The report is a fair record, containing consensus between the landlord and the tenant. That is why it is paramount that you fill this out correctly initially, but there are standard requirements that property managers look for when tenants vacate. Whizz contractors have a working knowledge as they perform plenty of end of tenancy deep cleans.

There is a customer service operator available to take your call 7 days a week. All the contractors come with all the correct products and equipment to clean your house until it is of high standard. When you consider the cost of buying all the products and equipment needed when you have end of tenancy cleaning duties to perform, this too is another reason you might want to hire help. Most people use the services of professionals for this reason.