What is the best all purpose cleaner?

Home Cleaning made easier

On a leisurely stroll through aisles 7 and 8 of any supermarket in this big land you will be introduced to an astonishing and a seemingly countless array of domestic cleaning products that can make your place look like it has been cleaned by a professional cleaning company. Packaging with dazzling colours, lightning bolts and smiling superheroes, is used by companies all anxiously spruiking for your domestic cleaning dollar. But just as all salt, whether Home-brand or Himalayan pink, is essentially dried water, all detergent regardless of price or appearance is essentially soap. In Australia, for example, dishwashing liquid prices vary from 10 cents per 100ml up to so called luxury brands selling for upwards of $1.50 per 100ml – a 1500 per cent variation in what is fundamentally soap. So it tends to be confusing as to what is the best all-purpose cleaning product.

In commercial and domestic cleaning products, packaging and marketing are the pinnacle factors of purchasing. People are buying what they see as a lifestyle statement. All-purpose cleaners offer to work on all your white goods as well as the kitchen sink and there are so many different smelling products that are there to entice you. Who wouldn’t want to have the smell of lavender or lemongrass wafting through their kitchen? However, a somewhat more practical and productive lifestyle statement is to engage a professional cleaning service. This not only guarantees a professionally completed task but frees up your personal time to spend as best as you see fit and complete the million and one tasks that are prevalent in the lives we all lead.

It’s peculiar that when you see professional cleaning teams at work, their containers, sprays and small jerry cans are bereft of brand names, cartoon characters and banal slogans. This is because these products are not made for brand loyalty. These products are purely made for 100 per cent efficiency. In the Australian vernacular Blind Freddie could see the difference, more accurately Blind Freddie could smell the difference, as these cleaning fluids are considerably more potent than the standard supermarket varieties. Even with the recent considerable advancements in domestic vacuum cleaners, a professional steam cleaner is vastly superior – not only removing grime, dust, dirt and mites but importantly removing all odours and deodorising the carpet. So next time you find yourself meandering along aisles 7and 8 at your local supermarket, ask yourself ‘what is the best all-purpose cleaner’? It’s simple. The answer is ‘A Professional’. These days it’s not unusual for different people to use the services of a professional cleaning company because they are too busy to clean. Cleaning can be time consuming and it comes down to quality of life. Why not get your house professionally cleaned fortnightly so you can enjoy yourself when time spent at work increases and the two hours that it takes to vacuum and mop your house could be done by someone who can now be easily booked using your mobile phone.

Many people have regular cleaners come fortnightly or even monthly, but if it’s a one-off clean or an end of lease clean, Whizz offers this as well as ‘on demand’ same day service. Whizz is available Australia wide and has an easy to download App available in Apple or Google Play.

Christie is part of a growing number of millennials who gets her house cleaned by Whizz every fortnight and is happy with the result. She admits that they not only do a better job, but the great thing is that she saves money on all the cleaning products she now doesn’t have to worry about. ‘It’s nice to come home to a lovely smelling and clean house.’ Christie makes arrangements to leave out a key and has on a couple of occasions asked for extras to be included in the clean and has left a note for the Whizz cleaner.

When you book with Whizz you will agree to a time and date for the clean, and the costing is set out on the invoice, as well as everything that is included in the clean, so there are no hidden costs. Whizz cleaners come equipped with the correct equipment and cleaning products to maintain your house and have it looking beautiful. It is a company that prides itself on customer satisfaction and encourages feedback. They guarantee your happiness.

We have come a long way since the 1970s when a cleaning service was perceived as a luxury that only a handful of people could afford. Back then when television came into being the nuclear family was heavily portrayed in commercials and the marketing of products was aimed at the female of the household who was responsible for all the cleaning. That visual image of the domestic goddess complete with apron, who is not only the perfect cook but keeps the house looking sparkling clean, as well as doing the ironing, and all with a smile on her face, was a myth that now seems unpalatable. The thought of getting assistance for most was as far-fetched as owning a computer with the internet. Today’s households are as varied as the range of all-purpose products out there, and with a lot of people sustaining full time jobs, having hired help frees up their time to relax. This is the main reason, Peter, who works full time and, lives alone in the city in a one bedroom unit, chooses to have his place cleaned every fortnight. ‘There just isn’t enough time, once I get home from work as I’m tired and can’t imagine having to get out the vacuum cleaner.’ Peter has asthma, so vacuuming regularly has been necessary as dust builds up quickly. He has been having his house cleaned for the last 6 months and says he is so happy that he made the choice as it means less stress by having a bit of time to himself to enjoy his life.